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" ... to the need of a repository for the facts - especially such as relate to occultism - gathered ... among different nations ... " HPB Oct 1879

"For we know in part"
I Corinthians 13

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Subsets of the Archive
An Andrew Cohen Seminar - 28/9/1997 17k Alan Mann 1997
Extracts from al-Ghazali's Incoherence of the Philosophers 119k al-Ghazali 12th C
Antiquity of the Vedas 16k HP Blavatsky 1879
The Ashtavakra Gita 129k anonymous nk
The Edicts of Ashoka 52k anonymous nk
Rock Edicts of Ashoka
(290-232 BC)
16k various 1999
The Astral Plane 46k CW Leadbeater 1896
Energetics of the Astral Body;
Notes on: The Art of Dreaming
25k Carlos Castaneda 1993
At the Feet of the Master by Alcyone 40k J Krishnamurti 1910
Hymn 5: The Bath of Pallas 29k Callimachus 3rdC BC
Before the Himalayan Snows 8k Geoffrey Hodson 1934
The Blossom and the Fruit 91k Mabel Collins
HP Blavatsky
The Bhagavad Gita (Sanskrit, English) 514k anon ? 400 BC
The Key to Theosophy 665k HP Blavatsky 1889
Blavatsky quotes from Sylvia Cranston 14k HP Blavatsky various
The Book of Alze - Concerning the Philosophical Stone 25k anonymous c 1425
Notes on Energy from Brennan, Redfield, Roads and Blavatsky 13k HP Blavatsky + various
The "Brothers" of Theosophy 46k AP Sinnett 1883
Excerpts from the writings of Chu Hsi On Study 44k Chu Hsi nk
Notes on the Celestine Writings of James Redfield 51k anonymous 1996
Christianity as Mystical Fact 348k Rudolf Steiner 1902+
Clairvoyant Investigations by Geoffrey Hodson and David Lyness, 1957-1959 361k Hodson, Lyness 1957
Clairvoyant Investigations by CW Leadbeater 47k Ernest Wood 1947
The Cloud of Unknowing 259k anon + E. Underhill nk
Concerning the "Occult Chemistry" Researches 22k Johan Van Manen 1909
The Corpus Hermeticum of Hermes Trismegistus 172k Hermes, Ficino, Everard circa 1650
CW Leadbeater, a Great Occultist 75k Sandra Hodson circa 1965
The Date of Buddha's Death 81k JF Fleet circa 1904
The Dhammapada (Pali, English) 315k tr John H Richards nk
Difficulties in Clairvoyance 29k CW Leadbeater 1913/1919
The Divine Pymander of Hermes Link tr by Dr John Everard 1650AD
The Doctrine of the Heart 79k Annie Besant 1910
The Dweller on the Threshold (the original) 89k Edward Bulwer Lytton 1842
Dr. Besant's First Use of Clairvoyance 9k CW Leadbeater 1895
Dnyaneshwari - Bhaavarth Diipikaa: A Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita 639k Dnyaneshwara 1290
An Ecstasy of High Contemplation 23k St John of the Cross 16thC
The Elixir of Life from a Chela's Diary 58k Godolphin Mitford 1882
The Evolution of the Universe 17k Annie Besant 1889
The Four Noble Truths and two Modern Variations 11k Gautama Buddha + various
A Flaw in Cantor's Diagonalverfahren 10k G Oakley 1992
Foundations of Esoteric Philosophy 98k Ianthe Hoskins 1980
The Geographical Locations of The Rock Edicts of Asoka 35k anonymous na
The Glory Of The World 51k anonymous 1620
The Golden Tract Concerning the Philosopher's Stone 104k anonymous 1620
The Great Myth of the Sun-Gods 34k Alvin Boyd Kuhn 1934
The Hidden Side of Things 963k CW Leadbeater 1913
How Clairvoyance is Developed 42k CW Leadbeater 1904
How the Vision was Analysed 17k Johan Van Manen 1909
How to become psychic 6k Geoffrey Hodson 1929
Hymn 3: To Artemis 17k Callimachus c 256 BC
The Idyll of the White Lotus 235k Mabel Collins 1885
The Influence of H.P. Blavatsky on Art 11k Ianthe Hoskins 1981
The Inner Life (1 & 2) 1+mb CW Leadbeater 1910
Investigations into Early Rounds 62k CWL & A. Besant 1896/1911
What is Environment?
(A Compilation)
56k J Krishnamurti 1933/1980
J Krishnamurti notes 20k J Krishnamurti various
John of Ruysbroeck
(Three Works)
480k JR + E. Underhill 14th C
Jumping Mouse
Pre-Columbian Amerindian teaching story
74k anonymous <1492
Karmic Visions 44k HP Blavatsky 1888
The KH Letters to CW Leadbeater 176k KH, CWL, CJ 1941
King Ashoka: Edicts and Times 72k S. Dhammika 1993
Krishnamurti and the Search for Light 101k Geoffrey Hodson ca 1939
Krishnamurti on Time and Conflict 12k J Krishnamurti 1933-1981
The Law of Cause and Effect 35k CW Leadbeater 1912
The Law of Karma - Order of a Third Kind 18k anonymous 1988
Letters from a Sufi Teacher (extracts) 13k Shaikh Sharfuddin Maneri 1908
Letters on Theosophy 1880-1900 (extracts) 101k various 1880-1900
Letters to Spiritual Aspirants 99k Clara M Codd 19??
Extracts from Light of the Sanctuary, Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson 18k Geoffrey Hodson 1988
Light on the Path 36k Mabel Collins 1885
An Excerpt from The Magic of Findhorn 5k Paul Hawken 1975
Man: Whence, How, Whither 797k Annie Besant & CW Leadbeater 1913
Mantras 37k CW Leadbeater 1925
The Masters and the Path 716k CW Leadbeater 1927
Meditation for Beginners 64k James I Wedgwood 1918
The Mind in Nature 18k HP Blavatsky 1896
The Mystic Chord 15k CW Leadbeater 1909
The Observation of Consciousness 17k Georg Kuhlewind 1986
My Occult Experiences 130k J. Van Manen & CWL 1913
An Occult Chemistry
24k anonа 2000
Occult Chemistry by Besant, Leadbeater(3rd Edition) [By Chapters & with Illustrations] Var ed. C Jinarajadasa 1895-1950
Occult Chemistry by Besant, Leadbeater(3rd Edition) [Text-only version] 670k ed. C Jinarajadasa 1895-1950
Occult Investigations - The Work of Annie Besant and CW Leadbeater 144k C Jinarajadasa 1938
Occult Chemistry for Postgraduate Students 15k ed. anon 2000
An Occult View of the War (1914-1916) 49k CW Leadbeater 1916
Occultism, Semi-Occultism, and Pseudo-Occultism (Pamphlet) 44k Annie Besant 1898/1928
One 17k Gladney Oakley 1984
On Nature (Peri Physis) (Extracts) 14k Parmenides of Elea c475 BC
On Revelations 12k A. Besant & CWL 1909
The Only True Way Pointing Out The Path Of Truth 35k anonymous 1677
An Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King 82k Eirenaeus Philalethes 1667
The Open Field of the Third Object (of the Theosophical Society) 31k N Sri Ram 1964
Extract from an Order of the Star in the East (Pamphlet) 10k J Krishnamurti c1927
The Order of the Star in the East 48k EA Wodehouse 1911
The Path and its Difficulties 12k compiler 1995
The Path of Attainment 134k DN Dunlop 1916
The Papyrus of Ani 261k tr EA Wallis Budge 240 BC
Path and Pathless and Pathlessness 11k various various
Paranormal Observations of the Atomic Structure of ORMEs 147k Gary Pnym 1995?
The Physical Ailments of Occultists 23k Alice Warren Hamaker 1926
Popol Vuh
(Mayan) Council Book
754k tr Dennis Tedlock 1550 AD
Practical Occultism 27k HP Blavatsky 1888
On the Operation of Daemons 10k Psellus 11th-C
The Question of the Reliability of the Clairvoyant Observations of CW Leadbeater 29k ed. G. Oakley 2003
The Reality of the Astral Plane 50k CW Leadbeater 1906
The Remonstrance of Nature 48k Jean de Meung 16thC
Revelation or Realization: Conflict in Theosophy 54k JJ van der Leeuw 1930
A Revolution in OneSelf 19k N Sri Ram 1965
Sudden & Gradual: Approaches to Enlightenment in Chinese Thought 25k (Peter Gregory) 1987/1994
Sandhi and Syllables in Classical Sanskrit 81k Brett Kessler 1992+
Sandhi and Syllables in Classical Sanskrit 64k Brett Kessler 2000
Self-Knowledge, Will and Desire 6k HP Blavatsky 1887
The Seven Rays 289k Ernest Wood 1925
The First Seven Articles on Occult Chemistry 1895-1899 67k Annie Besant
CW Leadbeater
Song of the Open Road (from Leaves of Grass) 23k Walt Whitman 1855
The Sophic Hydrolith; or Water Stone of the Wise 117k Anonymous 1619
The Spiritual Significance of Motherhood 54k Geoffrey Hodson 1941
Spiritual Symbolism of the Sun and Moon 48k Alvin Boyd Kuhn 1934
Spiritual Study: Learning How to Learn 13k anon 1994
The Stanzas of Dzyan 45k HP Blavatsky 1888
The Story of Atlantis 158k W Scott-Elliot 1896
Studies in Occult Chemistry and Physics 545k George Sutcliffe 1922-1928
A Study in Karma 105k Annie Besant 1917
A Subtle Allegory 56k Michael Maier 1617
The Supersensual Life 80k Jacob Boehme tr Wm Law 1622
The Testament of Cremer, Abbot Of Westminster 18k Cremer 17thC
A Textbook of Theosophy 234k CW Leadbeater 1912
Theosophy for the Lawyer 101k Geoffrey Hodson 1947
The Thunder-Perfect Mind 17k anonymous nk
A Tract of Great Price Concerning the Philosophical Stone 30k anonymous 1423
The Transcendental Philosophy of Franklin Merrell-Wolff 70k Franklin Merrell-Wolff 1970-73
Tres tractatus de metallorum transmutatione 103k Eirenaeus Philalethes 1668/94
Truth is a Pathless Land. The Dissolution of the Order of the Star 20k J Krishnamurti 1929
Twelve Keys. Concerning the Great Stone of the Ancient Sages 88k Basil Valentine 1599
In the Twilight 454k (Annie Besant) 1898/1913
The word Reincarnation in Psychological Literature 33k compiler 1987-1995
A Valentinian Exposition - from the NHL 17k anonymous nk
The Vicissitudes of Theosophy 23k AP Sinnett 1907
Sankara's Vivekachudamani Crest Jewel of Discrimination 563k trs JH Richards
MM Chatterji
The Voice of the Silence 112k tr HP Blavatsky 1889
Extracts from: Mutation of Mind 9k Vimala Thakar nk
The Way to Christ 420k Jacob Boehme 1622
The Wedhatama - Early Theosophy in Indonesia 12k nk circa 1870
What is Truth? 31k HP Blavatsky 1888
With Angels in Mind 83k G Oakley 1990-2000
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
(Sanskrit, English, French, Spanish)
508k Patanjali nk, c300BC

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Subsets of the Archive

Allegorical, narrative materials
Ashoka and his Edicts
Occult Chemistry
Early Stages of Clairvoyance
Older Materials of Some Length
Tanslations by John Richards
Annie Besant
Hermetic Musaeum texts [* transcribed by Jerry Bujas]
Geoffrey Hodson
CW Leadbeater
Hugh Shearman
1941 November My Hope For Ireland - letter а
1942 January The Swinging of the Artist а
1943 February Ourselves & Nature {& our Objects} а
1943 July The City of God а
1944 March On Panaceas {The Great Plan; & an Elder Brother fragment from 1925} а
1946 March Looking Backwards {comments on CEL's Back to AB & CWL, Jan 1946} а
1949 March The Third Object а
1950 January The Nature of the Occult а
1950 July In the Beginning {the problem of the virgin birth of the universe} а
1951 March On Mossy Banks {"Long ago, when we were mosses ..."} а
1951 December A Yoga of the West {Protestantism: first ray & Judaic} а
1952 March Silence & Sound 9k
1952 July Integrity & Values 10k
1954 January Ways of Changing the World {self & not-self} а
1954 May Theosophy & Our Problems а
1954 September Some Magazines of Latin America {TS Section magazines reviewed} а
1955 May Purpose Beyond Reason 52k
1955 November Problems of Mind & Heart {Why did the One become Two?} а
1956 April Pattern & Society {breaking patterns & confusion of castes} а
1956 July The Way of the Cross {sacrifice on behalf of others} а
1956 September The Dweller on the Threshold {awakened, experienced, understood} а
1957 March The Innocent Eye {apprehending theosophy undefensively} а
1957 August Wealth & Social Function {greed, detachment & three castes} а
1958 May The Lodge Members (extract from the book To Form a Nucleus) 24k
1958 July Members' Meetings (extract from the book To Form a Nucleus) 15k
1958 September On the Watch-Tower (the Life, the Work, & Sacrifice) 17k
1959 September Occult Status (a chapter from the book An Approach to the Occult) 16k
1959 (book) The Nature of the Occult 25k
1960 January The Age of Adventure {spiritual opportunities of the aging person} 13k
1960 February How to Change the World 14k
1961 September Thought-forms {their limitations} 13k
1963 January Using our Theosophies {explanatory & exploratory theosophies} 13k
1964 January CW Leadbeater in Retrospect 19k
1965 January Belief in God 18k
1966 September The Open Mind & Positive Teachings {our different theosophies} 13k
1967 February The Problem of the Fourth Dimension {a review article} 20k
1967 June Madame Blavatsky & the Mahatma Letters {SPR report of 1885} 20k
1967 December Why Occultists Contradict One Another 20k
1968 May Some Occult Centres {geometric geographic coincidence} 14k
1968 August Prayer & Karma {& which self-reliance} 15k
1969 January Astrology & the Theosophical Society {the horoscope of the TS} 23k
1969 September The Unreality of Ideas 17k
1971 January The Yoga of the Future {new forms of yoga for new souls} 16k
1971 October Theosophical Ontologies 26k
1972 April To Clear a Space {art, representation, our theosophies} 13k
1972 July Some Basic Problems of the Theosophical Society's History (EL Gardner, AL Cleather (1856-1939), JK, others) 27k
1975 Oct-Nov Theosophy's Expanding Message 19k
1975 December C Jinarajadasa: Some Memories & Impressions 15k
1976 May Culture & the Ancient Wisdom {& the 3 Halls of The Voice of the Silence} 17k
1976 October Clara Codd - Some Impressions 12k
1977 February Assessing Psychism {& not merely perceptual but collective aspects of Nature} 21k
1977 April The Dweller on the Threshold {Habits, Karma, & Crucifixion} (not a rprnt of Sept 1956) а
1978 February The Mahatma Letters 20k
1979 May Time & the Troubled Mind 15k
1979 July The Theosophist in Politics 16k
198x Difficulties in Meditation 14k
1980 April Barriers Fell Away 15k
1980 July Answer (to a Question on Karma from Kiki Mathews) 7k
1980 October Symbols for a New Age 16k
1981 January Meditation {duality, failure, disillusionment} 17k
1981 December The Message for "Me" 15k
1984 July True Identity 13k
1985 February Steps Towards Freedom 16k
1985 May Exploring the Past 15k
1986 July Studying to Some Purpose {the 2nd Object; right study; the emptying of the mind} 19k
1987 December The Voice of Art 14k
1988 March Some Thoughts on Meditation 19k
1989 February A Cool View 18k
1990 June The Merits of Chaos 17k
1990 August Changing Our World {changing our self} 18k
1990 November A Problem of Our Time 20k
1991 May A Message Ahead of Its Time 14k
1992 January Problems of Mind & Heart 13k
1992 October Opting Out & Opting In {dual & non-dual theosophy} 16k
1993 March Thinking about Reincarnation 16k
1993 December A Serious Dedication 12k
1994 February The Mind & Beyond 15k
1994 October The Tragic Paradox 12k
1995 October Seers & Sages 13k
1996 July An End of Insufficiency 13k
1996 November Our Objects 13k
1997 December Karma & Cancer 11k

N Sri Ram

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"In sooth, I know not why I am so sad.
It wearies me;
you say it wearies you;
But how I caught it,
found it,
or came by it,
What stuff 'tis made of,
whereof it is born,
I am to learn;
And such a want-wit sadness makes of me
That I have much ado to know myself".

Act 1 Scene 1
The Merchant of Venice
Shakespeare 1596 AD