Notes on the Celestine Writings of James Redfield


The Celestine Prophecy (1993)

An Experiential Guide (1995)

The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision (1996)

The Celestine Prophecy (1993)

This Summary of Redfield's The Celestine Prophecy (1993) and his An Experiential Guide (1995) ceases here.

Themes from The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision

p222: The tenth insight: learning to have faith in our intuitions, remembering our Birth Intention, holding the World Vision.

On pages 2 and 3 Redfield indicates his degree of seriousness by allowing the book's narrator to write of his failure to maintain a continuity of coincidences, as supposedly important moments would "die in a flurry of unexpected irritations and emotions." Something was missing. His expectations were not being met, were failing.

Everything hangs on internal images and thoughts and dreams; these are the intuitions that lead to coincidences.

There were two types of Intuition that were particularly important. It was important to seek, remember, recover, maintain, and share them. They were:

In both cases Reincarnation is assumed. We come from the Afterlife Dimension, where we had a clear conception of both the Birth Vision and the Whole World Vision. Both are in fact pre-birth visions. The unconsciousness associated with birth makes it necessary for us to try to recover, to make conscious both of these Visions. The fragments that we do recover are the important intuitions.

There is some other interesting background furniture (while the adventure parable continues in the foreground):

The Afterlife Dimension, which seems to be accessible through meditation, in which one can watch newly dead people arrive, dreamers dreaming their dreams, soul-groups sending reminders and energy to those in the Physical Dimension (each of us has a distinctive soul-group), watch information descend from this dimension to the Physical Dimension, watch souls undergo a Life Review, observe telepathy in action.

Not to be forgotten, ever present yet mostly as background, are two more pieces of furniture:

Aside from the fictional challenges and dangers of men with guns, strange humming energy machines, and intentions bent out of control Redfield identifies Evil and Fear and Hell as the difficulties to be faced, understood, and overcome. Fear, as re-active Polarization, suffering, End Time (apocalyptic) fears, abound. Rising collective fears are not unexpected during a major cultural transition. Evil must be stopped. A way to understand fear must be found. Attitude affects healing, affects the immune system. Pain can be used as a beacon to guide visualization and healing energy.

Hell, the gray environment, is described as a collection of mental constructions set up by souls who in life lived very restrictive 6th insight Control Dramas & could not wake up after death. The repressive control dramas replaces the mystery and insecurity of life. The illusional realities of Hell are just severe control dramas.

Redfield is imprecise, vague about which aspects of our growth and development can best be done alone, and which aspects are best done with others. To bring in the World Vision or a portion of the World Vision seems, according to Redfield, to require a group, the pooled energy and intention of a group of perhaps seven people.

prior to (or while) attempting to remember a portion of the World Vision. The 8th Insight is about knowing how to send energy by focusing on another's beauty & higher-self wisdom. This process can raise the energy level & creativity of the group exponentially, There are blocks which must be cleared. The clearing process: acknowledge the emotion, become fully conscious of the feeling, clear residuals, the aim is zero power games, zero struggles, zero dramas. No group can reach its full creative power until it consciously clears & then amplifies its energy. The process has been called forgiving, the penance of forgiving.

At the end of the book, the fictional enemy approaches the group of seven (but only five are present) with a pistol and two like armed assistants. They send them a wall of energy, marshalled to hold them at bay. It doesn't work. It dawns on the five that they are misusing their collective energy. They switch to sending a "join us", inclusionary energy to the advancing villians. (page 227).


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