Notes on Energy (1)


Light Emerging


Barbara Brennan


p8 a mask self, strives for (socially correct) connection, but cannot accomplish deep connection ... because it denies fear & negative feelings. Its intention is pretense & denial. It denies that pain & anger exist within the personality. The intent is to protect the self by not taking responsibility for any negative actions, thoughts, or deeds. Negative energy originates in our lower self, which has the intention to have negative pleasure. It is more honest than the mask self. It doesn't pretend to be nice.

p9 The intention of the lower self is to maintain separation, do anything it wants to, not feel pain, (& act ruthlessly.) Intent distinguishes the three selves

p10 The deepest pain is self-betrayal: not to live ones truth ... having made that decision again and again till it became an unconscious habit.

p11 Our early, original connection to the core is unconscious ...

p73 people re-create & repeat problems in their lives over & over from their negative belief systems. These negative belief systems are usually unconscious.

p116 the limbic system is directly connected to our emotion-laden responses, what we might call animal instincts.

p142 the darkest belief system that has the most profound forgetting: the consciousness there that believes in separation - It is the shadow. It believes it is separate & isolated from everything, ... with no hope.

p150 the mask self ... most people consider mask-dissolving behavior to be dangerous.

p161 The contract of a relationship is made up of unstated usually unconscious agreements between people about how they will act with one another, including what they will & won't say & do. ... We all create both positive & negative contracts. Most of the time these contracts are unconscious & work automatically. Much illness & disfunctional behavior results from unconscious beliefs.

p201 We have habitual negative ways of interacting & manipulating each other through our (energy) fields. We usually do this out of fear & ignorance. We usually are not consciously aware that we are doing it. (We use harmonic induction, energy streams and cords.) All this auric interaction is usually unconscious & invisible to most people ...

There are four (primary) modes of energy flow: push, pull, stop, & allow flow. We do this unconsciously & habitually. All of our habitual interactions are really energy field defense systems that we use to defend ourselves from an imagined dangerous world.

(those types) may unconsciously try to get you to define their ideas. They will reject everything you suggest, whereas oral types gladly suck in all the advice you give. ... Even though they are unconsciously trying to get you to ...

p291 pain that humanity feels but does not understand

Notes on Energy (2)


The Celestine Prophecy


James Redfield


p5 (it) surfaces unconsciously at first, as a profound sense of restlessness

p76 we humans, although we are unconscious of it, have a tendency to control & dominate others. We want to win the energy that exists between people.

p88 All we know is that we feel weak & when we control others we feel better. What we don't realize is that this sense of feeling better costs the other person. It is their energy that we have stolen. Most people go through their lives in a constant hunt for someone else's energy. Human link up (share, join) energy & then fight over who is going to control it.

p89 for a long time we human have been unconsciously competing for the only part of the (physical world's) energy we have been open to: the part that flows between people. This is what human conflict has always been about, at every level. The only reason that any conflict can't be immediately settled is that one side is holding on to an irrational position, for energy purposes. the human world is a vast competition for energy & thus for power.

p105 Everyone is trying to control *& manipulate each other for energy because we feel short of it.

p121 we must face up to our particular way of controlling others ... an alternate source of energy exists, but we cannot connect to it until we stop controlling others ..

Getting rid of this habit isn't easy at first because it's always unconscious at first. They key to letting go is to bring it fully into consciousness, & we do that by seeing that our particular style of controlling others is one we learned in childhood to get attention, to get5 the energy moving our way. I call it our unconscious control drama.

p127 Nothing can proceed until we really look at ourselves & discover what we are doing to manipulate for energy.

p146 We all have a spiritual purpose, a mission, that we have been pursuing unconsciously.

p205 All drama are covert strategies to get energy -- covert manipulations for energy can't exist if you bring them into consciousness by pointing them out.

Notes on Energy (3)


Journey into Oneness


Michael J Roads


"... but in the end it is their subconscious beliefs that will construct their continuity.(p143) ... It never ceases to amaze me that the greatest human habit is an attachment to pain and suffering. The human subconscious is saturated in it." (p144)

"I thought I was vulnerable. ... You are, to a degree. ... but despite your Self-awareness, you still subconsciously wear a fine chain-mail armor as a form of protection. You don't need it. (it) is a limit on the expression of both the freedom and the purpose. I didn't know I was wearing subconscious armor. (p157)

"Although I was witnessing a prehistoric period, the Gray Ones are still with humanity to this day. ... their intent toward us is not for our benefit. Their energy felt strongly negative and, with a faint shock, I realized that they were able to project this negativity at people who had a similar focus. A person who focused on personal power and the manipulation of others was potential prey for the Gray Ones. They are attracted to such people, helping them to satisfy their desires while feeding off the resulting psychic negativity. They are not out to take control of our affairs, but to covertly influence us toward our basest and most negative desires. ... Their purpose seems to be to divert us from focusing on ... truth ..." (p167) "Their real strength is in projecting the illusions of gain to be found in power ..." (p168)

"These shadow selves were formed from the thoughts and desires of the people they shadowed. They seemed to take on an abstract form duplicating their person; they were a shadow in the human psyche. I learned that they could influence their human self. ... Their shadow selves echoed their desires..."

"I am a creator, yet I am without any realization of what this means. Unwittingly, I create that which will enslave me: fear. My fear becomes the crucible of the supreme lie, creating the illusion that All Life is separate. Lost in this illusion I experience separation instead of Oneness, ..." (p218)

(In the first pages of Journey into Oneness, Roads repeatedly mentions mystical experiences, with luminous guides into other dimensions, which he has buried, i.e. repressed. Quietly he raises the possibility that such experiences and such burial of our memories of them, may be an under-reported phenomenon.)

Notes on Energy (4)


The Collected Writings of HP Blavatsky


HP Blavatsky

vol 10

p309 during night we all exist personally, & individually, though we sleep & may be unconscious of so living.

p315 The Absolute cannot be said to have a consciousness, or, at any rate, a consciousness such as we have.

p323 Suffice it to say that often the reasoning faculty of the higher mind may be asleep, & the instinctual mind may be fully awake. It is the physiological distinction between the cerebrum & the cerebellum; the one sleeps & the other is awake.

p328 cerebellum ... organ of habit, instinctual animal functions

p329 The cerebellum also ... functions during sleep, not the cerebrum. We may compare this state of the cerebellum to a bar of metal ... which has been heated during the day & emanates or radiates heat during the night; so the energy of the brain radiates unconsciously during the night.:"

p336 Sloka (8) And Life pulsated unconscious in Universal Space, throughout that All-Presence which is sensed by the 'Opened-Eye' of the Dangma."


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