WITH the information revealed in Occult Chemistry a great expansion of our knowledge of Chemistry lies in front of us. It is just because this expansion is inevitable, that our clairvoyant investigators have toiled patiently for thirty years. They have claimed no recognition from chemists and physicists, because truth accepted or rejected is truth still, and any fact of nature seen and stated dearly will sooner or later be woven into the whole fabric of truth. The fact that this generation of scientists hardly knows anything at all of an extraordinary work of research extending for thirty years matters little, when we contemplate the long vistas of scientific investigation which the imagination sees awaiting mankind.


I desire to express my deep sense of obligation to the following members of the Theosophical Society, who gave their voluntary services in drawing various diagrams

I must express my hearty thanks also to Mr. V. John, owner and manager of Klein and Peyerl, who for thirty years have provided me with the necessary blocks for this and other works. This firm has put at my disposal all their talent in the way of draughtsmen, etc. and for Occult Chemistry, Mr. John has himself given much advice and assistance for the blocks.


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