Adyar Pamphlets No. 142


- No. 1: Transaction of the Theosophical Society,
in Central South Africa, 
Blavatsky Lectures

priest of the Liberal Catholic Church

Delivered at the Annual Convention
of The Theosophical Society in Central South Africa,
at Pretoria, April 18th, 1930

Published by

Theosophical Publishing House
Adyar, Chennai [Madras], India

October 1930

[The correspondences contained in this paper should not be taken as authoritative, they are merely the results of study, and I wish to place on record my deb of gratitude to Captain and Mrs. Ransom for their help in this connection, and to Val Gillette for his assistance in preparing this paper.}

The source of All is sometimes alluded to as "The Great Architect of the Universe" and it is said of this Mighty Being that He has a Plan according to which He builds. By others He is said to hold a Wonderful and Divine Idea, and that this Idea Unfolds. Again, He is alluded to as a Cosmic Seed in process of Becoming. Numerous are the ways of expressing this Mighty Principle but in the common world of men we call it Evolution.

The Esoteric study of this 'Becoming', of this 'Unfolding Idea', of this Great Plan is sometimes called the study of Occultism. One of the keys which may be applied in an effort to apprehend its workings is known as "The Law of Correspondences", so well defined in that most fundamental of all Occult Maxims "As above, so below".

There is but One Truth throughout the universe, eternally underlying all and that Truth manifests itself over and over again in larger and smaller cycles, having the same factors and the same ordered sequence which repeat themselves in every mode of existence. Hence occultism teaches that the Microcosm is built i the image of the Macrocosm, that man is a miniature universe, and an atom a miniature planet. The study of The Secret Doctrine by the use of this key of correspondences consists in working out the correct sequence for each different set of factors and relating them to each other for the purpose of enlightenment.

These factors, such as the different numbers, colours, musical notes, days, planes, etc., are directly connected with the Rays, so that this study really consists of classifying a vast number of facts under the heading of Rays and then examining their relationships.

The Rays have their derivation in the Trinity, and it is essential to have some understanding of the relation between the Aspects of the Trinity in order to grasp the significance of the correspondences between the Rays.

The Tetrahedron, which is the basis of very form in our world, is a most valuable symbol in elucidating these correspondences. It contains four equilateral triangles and four corners.

Diagram 1- Studies in Ray Correspondences

Diagram No. 1 shows the Trinity in Unity at the apex of the Tetrahedron and the three Aspects of the Trinity at the corners of the base. All three Aspects are equidistant from each other and from the apex so that no one Aspect is more important than another, all are essential, all are equal.

The Rays are an emanation of energy, from the Trinity and therefore follow the same order, no one Ray being more important than another, all of them being parts of a whole, which may be viewed as in a circle, where no point save the centre, has greater important than another.

The 1st Logos never manifests directly, but always through the 2nd and 3rd Logis who constitute the eternal pairs of opposites. They represent Him as life and form, as positive and negative, and are linked to Him thus making a Trinity. Each Logos has two characteristics representative of the pairs of opposites.

1st Logos: Divinity and Individuality
2nd Logos: Life and Form
3rd Logos: Force (atomic) and Matter (molecular).

The Rays are seven in number and consist of two triangles, or three pairs and one, which latter is the synthesis of them all. Rays 1, 4, 7, represent the 1st Logos. Rays 2, 6, the 2nd Logos, and Rays  3, 5, the 3rd Logos.

Speaking from the standpoint of the life side of evolution the 4th Ray is the synthesis, and from the standpoint of the form side the 1st Ray is the synthesis.

The Aspect of the Trinity through which an animal individualises into the human kingdom is determined by the Ray to which the Monad belongs [ See A Study in Consciousness, the Choosing of the Permanent Atoms ] Therefore the man will express himself predominantly through Will (1st Logos), Emotion (2nd Logos), or Thought (3rd Logos), according to the Aspect concerned with his individualisation.

The seven planes are expressions of the seven Rays, but man, who contains within himself the seven Rays, is evolving on five planes only. Thus, for the purpose of his evolution, the seven Rays are temporally condensed into the five planes as follows:

Ray Real Planes Temporary Planes Human Principles Polarity
1 Divine Lower Spiritual Lower Atma Synthesis
2 Monadic Intuitional Buddhi Life
3 Spiritual Higher Mental Higher Manas Form
4 Intuitional Middle Mental Antahkarana Life
5 Mental Lower Mental Lower Manas Form
6 Astral Astral Astral Life
7 Physical Higher Physical Etheric Form

Reference to Diagram No.2 will show that each Form plane, the Divine, Spiritual, Mental and Physical is divided into two parts, a higher and a lower which are united or separated by a bridge. By correspondence each plane is composed of seven sub-planes and their polarity follows the same sequence, viz.: the 1st plane or sub-plane is the synthesis, the 2nd, 4th and 6th planes or sub-planes represent Divinity, Life and Force. The 3rd, 5th and 7th planes or sub-planes represent Individuality, Form and Matter.

Diagram 2

The constitution of man is divided into three distinct parts which are reflections or reproductions of, and on a much smaller scale, equivalent to, the Trinity.

1st Logos = The Monad = Life and Form
2nd Logos = The Ego     = Life
3rd Logos = The Personality = Form

The Monad, Ego and Personality each subdivide again into three and occupy the whole of a life plane and the half of each of two form planes. The Ego is a reproduction of the Monad, the Personality is a reflection of the Ego. The Monad, like the 1st Logos, never manifests directly, but his life permeates the whole of lower manifestations. His three principles are Jiva, Prana and Auric Envelope. There is no part of man's constitution where Jiva is not, where Prana is not, or where the Auric Envelope is not. As will be seen from the diagram, man with his seven principles starts at Lower Atma and finishes at Higher Physical.

The Ego consists of Lower Atma, Buddhi and Higher Manas. Higher Manas is the vehicle of Buddhi the two being the life and form of Lower Atma. The Personality consists of the Etheric, Astral and Lower Manas. Lower Manas is the vehicle of the Astral, the two being the life and form of the Etheric. The Personality, as a whole, represents form, and is a reflection of the Ego, which, as a whole, represents life. This is the reason that the planes below the Antahkarana are sometimes referred to as form or Rupa planes, and those above as formless or Arupa. By imagining the Antahkarana  as a piece of looking-glass it will be evident that Higher Manas reflects into Lower Manas, Buddhi into Astral, and Lower Atma into Etheric.

Rays 1, 2, 3 of the Ego, and 7, 6, 5, of the Personality may be viewed as two triangles facing in opposite directions. The 1st Ray man would deal with the principles of government, decide the policy and look far ahead into the future. The 7th Ray man would be concerned with the detailed working of schemes and ceremonies, paying much attention to perfection in grace and orderliness. The 2nd Ray man would love the whole world, whilst the 6th Ray man would be devoted to an individual or a cause. The 3rd Ray man would engage his thought with the great principles of life, philosophy and metaphysics, whilst the 5th Ray man would pursue the detailed knowledge of science.

The Antahkarana is the 4th or synthetic Ray. It is the bridge which unites the Higher and Lower Manas, the two halves of a whole; and as the Higher Manas is part of the trinity of the Ego, Rays 1, 2, 3; and Lower Manas is part of the trinity of the Personality, Rays 7, 6, 5; the Antahkarana, the 4th Ray, is like a lens through which all the Rays focus. It is the Ray of Balance or Harmony and the 4th Ray man would show great versatility and also imitativeness. The Antahkarana is sometimes referred to as a miniature reproduction of the Monad at a lower level. It is also said to be merely an imaginary point. It would seem to have the same relation to the Ego and the Personality as the equator has to the two hemispheres. It embraces and unites them both, yet no one can go to a particular spot and see it. It is like the 'present' of time, the NOW, which unites the past and the future; it is always here yet can never be grasped.

The 'bridges' which exist at the fourth sub-plane of each Form plane can be thought of as sieves through which nothing that belongs to the lower can pass to the higher. The 'bridge' in the middle of the physical plane excludes anything that belongs to the dense physical from passing into the personality proper. The 'bridge"of Antahkarana would prevent anything belonging to the Personality from passing through to the Ego. The Nirvanic Cell would prevent anything egoic passing on to the Monad.

The 'bridge' is also an important point which marks the passage of consciousness from one great  stage to another. On the physical plane it marks the turning point from involution to evolution in the mineral kingdom. On the mental plane it is the point of individualisation into the human kingdom where differentiation ceases. This is the point to which humanity has now reached and is the cause of the constant clash and struggle between the higher and lower self. In the sub-human kingdoms matter is supreme, spirit is subservient and there is, consequently, no struggle between the two. In the super-human kingdoms spirit is supreme, matter is subservient, and again in consequence there is no struggle between the two. The Nirvanic Cell marks the change from spiritual to super-human evolution, and the 'bridge' on the divine plane is where super-human evolution ceases and cosmic evolution begins. Above this bridge is the "Father in Heaven" and on the opposite point below, on the physical plane is the terrestrial man, the reflection, containing within himself in potentiality all the powers of his Father, God. (The thick black line in the diagram shows the direction in which the force flows down from the highest to the lowest. The numbers indicate the Rays)

In the life stream to which we belong consciousness evolves from below upwards, starting in the mineral kingdom on the physical plane. As it passes on to the astral plane it enters vegetable forms, and when it reaches the lower mental plane it is already ensouling animal forms. In the purely human stage its highest point is on the higher mental plane. When a spiritual stage is reached it penetrates the intuitional plane. As the rising point of consciousness touches the 5th sub-plane of the intuitional there is an influx of Divinity, Life and Force, and the first of the great Initiations is reached. As the consciousness passes through the 5th sub-plane, this influx is absorbed by the Individuality, the Form and the Matter, the vehicles gradually becoming accustomed to the additional life and force. This is not what might have been expected, but reference to the first paragraph on page 533 of Volume 3 of the Secret Doctrine will show that as evolution proceeds, the form absorbs the life,not the life the form.

When the 4th sub-planed is reached there is another influx of life and the Second Initiation is passed. This influx is again absorbed by the form in the 3rd sub-plane. In the 2nd sub-plane the Third Initiation is passed; there is another influx of life, and this again is absorbed by the form while passing through the 1st sub-plane of the intuitional plane and also on the 7th sub-plane of the spiritual plane.

The intuitional plane is the middle or 4th plane of the seven and is therefore the real bridge or Antahkarana. When consciousness has passed over this bridge and touches the 6th sub-plane of the spiritual plane the second portion of the Path of Holiness is reached, (See Talks on the Path of Occultism, page 411- 1st Edition). Here the candidate takes the Fourth or Arhat Initiation.

The same process of absorption is repeated whilst passing through the 5th sub-plane. At the 4th sub-plane the bridge termed the Nirvanic Cell is crossed and super-human evolution begins. What took place at individualisation when the bridge of Antahkarana was crossed, is here repeated at a higher level. At individualisation the ensouling life of the animal became the "ensouled" or the vehicle of the Ego; in other words, the life became the form, or the form absorbed the life (see last paragraph in Chapter 4th of A Text Book of Theosophy ). Now, at this higher stage, the Ego becomes the 'ensouled' or the vehicle of the Monad. The bridge having been crossed, consciousness reaches the 2nd sub-plane and the Fifth or Asekha Initiation is passed and this is the goal set for our humanity in the present Chain Period.


In the human kingdom, consciousness has to travel from the bridge of Antahkarana to the Nirvanic Cell when the fullness of the life of the individuality or Ego is attained and transcended  (see pages 761-762 of Talks on the Path of Occultism, 1st Edition)

As the consciousness of the Initiate rises through the 6th, 4th and 2nd sub-planes of the monadic plane he receives Sixth, Seventh and Eight Initiations, the influx of life being absorbed between the Initiations as before. The Ninth Initiation is reached at the 6th sub-plane of the divine plane; this stage is at the level of the KING or "Lord of a World" and is just below the bridge at the 4th sub-plane which admits to Cosmic Evolution. Beyond this bridge and on the 2nd sub-plane is the "Silent Watcher" who has attained to the Tenth Initiation which is the highest status possible of attainment on the seven planes of our solar system. Here again the same process repeats itself when the bridge between the super-human and cosmic evolution is crossed and the Monad becomes 'self-contained' so to speak, and is actually the vehicle of its own expression and is now not only "equal to the 'Father' as concerning His Godhead" but "ALSO EQUAL TO THE FATHER as concerning HIS MANHOOD", having attained to the fullness of His Divine Stature, the dewdrop has BECOME the shining sea.

Although for practical purposes the planes are placed one above another, they must not be thought of as being in that position. Life and Form are always inseparable as is symbolised by the interlaced triangles. So are the Life and Form planes inseparable, and the former should should be viewed as thought they telescoped behind the latter, occupying the same space.


The Platonic Solids give the axes of structure for all the chemical elements and crystals. The seven symbols, dealt with later in this paper, are shown as having been derived from the solids and are allocated to the Rays. It is therefore reasonable to allocate the solid from which a symbol has been derived to the same Ray and also to assume that to know the solid upon the lines of which an element is constructed, is to know its Ray.

It is also most probable that the dimensions of the different planes and the matter of which they are composed, are in some way closely connected with these solids.

It would seem that the sphere belongs to the 1st Ray and is the synthesis because we are dealing with a set of correspondences relating to form or matter. If the five Platonic Solids are placed in side a sphere it will be found that all the corners of each will touch the periphery. It also represents the 1st Logos who contains all within Himself.

The Platonic Solids are all derived from the Tetrahedron and are a manifestation of the 3rd Logos. Their construction should be studied in connection with the three pairs of Rays which are related to the Trinity. The 3rd Logos Rays are 3 and 5 and the corresponding solids are the Tetrahedron for the former and a double Tetrahedron for the latter, or two Tetrahedra placed based to base, the upper one reflecting into the under as Higher Manas reflects into Lower Manas. The 2nd Logos Rays are 2 and 6 and the solids are the Icosahedron for the former and the Dodecahedron for the latter. They are derived from five interlaced Tetrahedra, and the former which represents Buddhi or the life of the Ego, is inside the latter which represents the Astral or life of the Personality. The First Logos Rays are 4 and 7 and the solids are the Octahedron for the former and the Cube for the latter. They are derived from two interlaced Tetrahedra, and the first which represents the Antahkarana is inside the latter which is the Etheric.

The relation between the Antahkarana and the Octahedron can be seen clearly. It consists of two pyramids placed base to base, the upper one representing Spirit or the Ego, and the one below, Matter or the Personality. The bridge or joining point between the two being the invisible or imaginary base of the two pyramids, or the cross which would be formed by two diagonal lines joining the four corners at the middle of the solid. (The Antahkarana too is the bridge or joining point between the material and the spiritual and is equally intangible, yet it is the state where the battle between the Lower Self and the Higher Self has to be fought before the crossing into the higher can be made.)

The Cube represents a simple form of the three dimensions on the physical plane, length, breadth and depth.

In connection with the Dodecahedron, the following extra from the Prasnopanishat is significant: "Some say that He is the Father with the twelvefold form with a fivefold support having His (vital) currents in the upper half of the electric sphere. The Father, Prajapati viewed as the Sun. The twelvefold form corresponds to the twelve signs of the zodiac which indicate twelve creative powers in nature. The Universe is here viewed as a Dodecahedron, which is a regular figure to twelve pentagons. The pentagonal nature of each side is the fivefold support or the five vital airs." For further reference to the universe being built for the Dodecahedron see Twelve Signs of the Zodiac, by Subba Rao; Isis Unveiled, by H.P.Blavatsky; The Secret Doctrine, by H.P.Blavatsky; Timaeus of Plato.

It is interesting to note that when the number of the sides and corners of the solids which come under each aspect of the Trinity, are added together, they add up to ten the perfect number. 1st Logos: Octahedron has 8 sides and 6 corners, the Cube has 6 sides and 8 corners = 8 + 6 + 6 +8 = 28 =10 = 1

2nd Logos: Icosahedron has 20 sides and 12 corners, the Dodecahedron has 12 sides and 20 corners = 20 + 12 + 12 + 20 = 64 =10 =1

3rd Logos: Tetrahedron has 4 sides and 4 corners, the double Tetrahedron has 6 sides and 5 corners = 4 + 4 + 6 + 5 = 19 =10 = 1. The three 'ones' equal 3, the number of the 3rd Logos of whom the solids are a manifestation.

It will be shown later that 6 is the synthetic number of our Solar System, and some interesting correspondences in this connection are found in the number of lines in the solids which come under each aspect of the Trinity. 1st Logos: Octahedron and Cube have 12 lines each = 24 = 6.  2nd Logos; Icosahedron and Dodecahedron have 30 lines each = 60 = 6.  3rd Logos: Tetrahedron 6, and Double Tetrahedron 9 = 15 = 6. The Octahedron which represents the synthesis in life has two angles, i.e., 60° and 90°, 60 + 90 = 150 = 6.


Annie Besant says, in The Building of the Cosmos that "symbolism in religions may be called a common language. By this it is meant that certain external forms are taken, which, presented to anyone versed in the forms, convey to the mind of that person a definite idea... For not only does symbolism carry on truth from age to age, but it also acts as a constant witness fro the existence of the Truth".

Symbolism is universal and of all the ages. Seven out of the many symbols with which we are familiar may be allocated to the Rays.

The symbol of the 1st Ray is a Circle with a Point in the centre. It expresses the idea of the point expanding and becoming the sphere and is the symbol of the 1st Logos.

That of the 2nd Ray is the Latin Cross, which represents the descent of the 2nd Logos into matter. It is the cross of matter upon which spirit is crucified and has a definite geometrical relationship with the Icosahedron.

The Equilateral Triangle is the base of the Tetrahedron and belongs to the 3rd Ray. It represents the separation of the Trinity, and all the consequent trinities that are thereby created. Two of these triangles interlaced gives the well-known symbol which is embodied in the seal of the T.S., indicating spirit and matter.

The Square and Compass is the 4th Ray symbol. It has a close connection with the Octahedron in that the Compass represents spirit and is set at an angle of 60°, whilst the Square symbolises matter and is at an angle of 90°. 60 + 90 making 150 which again reduces to 6 the synthetic number.

The Five-pointed Star belongs to the 5th Ray. Its five points are the five corners of the double Tetrahedron, and its five-sided centre is identical with one of the sides of the Dodecahedron which belongs to the 6th Ray. It will be remembered that these two Rays stand in relation to each other as life to form.

It is the symbol of the KING which flashes out over the head of each candidate at each of the five great Initiations. It also represents the five jnanendriyas or knowledge centres and the five karmendriyas or action centres which are situated in the brain. It also represents the five planes upon which man is evolving. The pentagram is the symbol of the microcosm, man, with his arm and legs outstretched.

The Rose belongs to the 6th Ray and represents the desire nature. It is one of the phallic symbols and is sometimes symbolised as red and sometimes as white, which indicate the transmuting of the desire nature into the pure Buddhi.

The 7th Ray has two symbols, the Seven-pointed Star and the Swastika. The seven points of the Star are the seven visible corners of the Cube and is the number of the physical plane. The symbol can also be used in certain ways for studying the relationships between the Rays. The Swastika is the equal-armed cross in revolution and is the symbol of the Logos in activity creating a Cosmos. It is in the general shape of a Square and fits into one of the sides of a Cube.

From what has been said, masons will see that Masonry has a 4th Ray soul and a 7th Ray vehicle, and is intended to develop the Will. Also, Liberal Catholics will see that the L.C.C. has a 2nd Ray soul and 7th Ray vehicle, and is intended to develop the Intuition. Similarly the T.S. has a 1st Ray soul and a 3rd Ray vehicle, and is intended, (among other things), to develop the Mind.


There are really only three fundamental numbers: 1, 2 and 3. They represent the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Logos respectively. 4 to 9 are higher Powers of these three numbers.

Each Logos is threefold which gives us nine parts. 1st, 2nd and 3rd aspects of the 1st Logos, 1st, 2nd and 3rd aspects  of the 2nd Logos, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd aspects of the 3rd Logos. Therefore 1, 4 and 7 is the sequence for the 1st Logos, 2, 5 and 8 is the sequence for the 2nd, and 3, 6 and 9 for the 3rd. There is a correspondence between these nine and the nine Kyrie in the Holy Eucharist.

The number 1 cannot manifest alone in a universe based upon a Trinity. Of 2, Pythagoras said it could not exist of itself, because the moment there are two there is the relation between the two making 3. Proclus observes: "The Dyad (2) is the medium between unity and number, for unity by addition produces more than by multiplication; whilst the Dyad, whether added to itself or multiplied by itself, produces the same."

Therefore 3 is the lowest number to be allocated to the Rays. 6 is the synthesis, as will be shown, and therefore belongs to the 4th Ray. Numbers 4 and 7 belongs to Rays 1 and 7. Numbers 5 and 8 belong to Rays 2 and 6, and numbers 3 and 9 to Rays 3 and 5, the reason for this arrangement being that the Rays mentioned represent the Aspects of the Trinity to which the numbers belong.

When the numbers are placed in three columns of three and added horizontally each row totals 6 by reduction. When added vertically they total by reduction to 3, 6 and 9 which, when divided by the least common denominator 3, again gives the numbers representing the Trinity, i.e., 1, 2 and 3, which when added is 6. By diagonal addition the total is again 6.
Diagram 3B

There are many other examples which show that 6 is the synthesis apart from those already given, a few of them are as follows:

The sum of the numbers above and below 6 = 6
Add numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 = 15 = 6. Add numbers 7, 8, 9 = 24 = 6
The first perfect multiple 2 x 3 = 6
The sum of the numbers of the seven Rays, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 = 42 = 6
60 seconds or one minute = 6
60 minutes or one hour = 6
24 hours or one day = 6
The sum of the 12 Rays or Signs of the Zodiac, i.e., by adding together the numbers 1 to 12 = 15 =6.
The sum of the numbers of the petals of the seven Chakras in the Etheric Double, 960 in the Crown, 96 in the Frontal, 16 in the Throat, 12 in the Heart, 10 in the Solar Plexus, 6 in the Spleen, and 4 in the Sacral Plexus - 1104 = 6


H.P.B. says in the Secret Doctrine, Volume 3, page 439: "To the learner who would study the Esoteric Sciences ... a perfect knowledge of the correspondences between colours, sounds, and numbers is the first requisite," and on page 451 as follows: "Esoteric Science teaches that every sound in the visible world awakens its corresponding sound in the visible world awakens its corresponding sound in the invisible realms, and arouses to action some force or other on the Occult side of Nature, moreover, every sound corresponds to a colour and a number ( a potency spiritual, psychic or physical) and to a sensation on some plane."

There are 12 semi-tones in a chromatic scale, and in Diagram No. 4 these semi-tones are placed in a circle with the major and minor scales which begin with each note.

It will be found that if the numbers of Sharps or Flats of the major or minor scales, which appear opposite each other in the circle, be added together they will in each case add up to 6.

C minor, 3 flats; F sharp minor, 3 sharps. Total 6
C major, no sharps or flats; F sharp major, 6 sharps. Total 6
C sharp minor, 4 sharps; G minor, 2 flats. Total 6

It will be noticed that red corresponds with sunrise, and the colours proceed to grow lighter until at noon yellow-orange is reached; at sunset green and at midnight blue-violet or indigo which is the deepest colour of the spectrum. The light colours, red, orange and yellow, may be said to represent the daytime. Green the central colour of the spectrum falls at the sunset point, and the dark colours blue, indigo and violet represent the night time.



Just as there are 12 Signs of the Zodiac, 12 notes (7 natural and 5 sharps or flats), 12 colours (7 positive and 5 negative or intermediate), 12 pairs of ribs in the human body (7 true an 5 false); so are there also 12 Rays (7 objective and 5 subjective). Reference to Diagram No. 4 will show that there are 7 Rays on the Human side and 7 on the Angelic side. Rays 1 and 7 being the points of contact between the two lines of evolution. [See The World-Mother as Symbol and Fact by C.W.Leadbeater , pages 7 and 8]

The Human and Angelic life streams are complementary to each other, the consciousness of the former being most active and developed on the lower planes, indicated by a triangle with its apex upwards. Consciousness in the latter is most active and developed on the higher planes as shown by the triangle with its apex pointing downwards.

There is one definite correspondence between the Angelic and Human Rays which is obtained by folding the left side of the Diagram over the right side, so that Rays 2 and 12 are together, 3 and 11, 4 and 10, 5 and 9, 6 and 8. Similarly the top half may be folded over the bottom, giving another way in which the Rays correspond with each other, i.e. Rays 1 over 7, 12 over 8, 11 over 9, Ray 10 being the synthesis.

In the Diagram the Order of Angels, invoked at the Preface during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist are enumerated, and also the Great Angels who stand at the head of each Ray, together with the characteristics of the Angelic Rays.

The 1st Ray Angels are Thrones with St .Michael as Their head, and the characteristic is Energy. They are Angels of Power and of Ceremony and it is through the latter that they come into touch with humanity, in fact the 1st Ray Angel takes charge of the inner side of the ceremony of the Holy Eucharist immediately upon His arrival at the Preface.

The 12th Ray Angels are Dominations, Their chief is Gabriel, and the characteristic Colour. They are the Angels of Art and Beauty and belong to the same order as Those who assist in the services of the Crimson Temple referred to in Man: Whence, How and Whither by C.W.Leadbeater, their medium of growth and expression is love and affection which manifests itself as colours.

The 11th Ray Angels are Powers and Their head is Raphael. They are the Angels of the Green Temple referred to in Man. Sympathy is Their chief characteristic, which expresses itself through healing, and the working out of philanthropic schemes of all kinds.

The 10th Ray Angels are Virtues and Their head is Uriel. This the synthetic Ray and consequently it deals with all the processes of Nature. They are the Angels who inhabit or ensoul a countryside, a mountain, or a valley; who stimulate all the life of Nature. They enter into and control the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. They inhabit the woods and the seas and cause the rains and all the changes in Nature. The nature-spirits all belong to this Ray, they are the lesser evolved and include gnomes, undines, salamanders, sylphs, pixies, brownies and fairies.

The 9th Ray Angels are Princedoms and Chamuel is Their chief. The characteristic of the Ray is Form, because its Angels create and guide the growth of every form. They are the Building and Maternity Angels. This Ray may be viewed as the feminine aspect of the 3rd Logos, the Creator. The Angels of the Yellow Temple referred to in Man belongs to this order.

The 8th Ray Angels are the Archangels and Their head is Jophiel. The characteristic of this Ray is Music and the Angels are the Gandharvas; they belong to the same order as those who participate in the services of the Blue Temple referred to in Man.

The 7th Ray Angels are those designated simply by the name "Angels". Their chief is Zadkiel. Their characteristic is Service, and among them are the Guardian Angels.


There are Seven Paths or Choices which open before the Perfect Man. Naturally his choice will be influenced by the Ray to which he belongs. The 1st Ray Path is to Enter the Staff Corps of the Logos, to be sent to carry out work in any part of the Solar System. A member of this Staff has no physical body, but creates one by the power of Kriyashakti as and when needed, from the matter of the globe to which he is sent.

The 2nd Ray Path is to Enter Nirvana and later to become an Avatara. This is known as taking the Dharmakaya Vesture, and retiring into the Monad. All the permanent atoms below the monadic are discarded.

The 3rd Ray Path is to Enter Nirvana or the "Spiritual Period" which is the taking of the Sambhogakaya Vesture. All permanent atoms below the spiritual are discarded.

The 4th Ray Path is to Remain on Earth to help Humanity as an Official of the Hierarchy which rules and guards the world in which the Perfected One has evolved. As this is the synthetic Ray, Adepts of each of the Rays will be found to have made this choice. An Official of the Hierarchy requires to be in constant physical incarnation.

The 5th Ray Path is to Prepare the Work of the Next Chain, in which work a great wealth of detailed knowledge is required in order to assist in the building up of Forms.

The 6th Ray Path is to become part of the Spiritual Forces of God and to take the Nirmanakaya Vesture. He resides normally in the Causal body though retaining the astral and physical permanent atoms, so that he can at any time supply the reservoir from which spiritual power can be poured over the world. C.W.Leadbeater writes in The Masters and the Path: "The Nirmanakaya is to supply a great store of Spiritual Force for the helping of men. All the time They generate this Force taking no part for Themselves, but putting it all at the service of the Brotherhood for Their use in lifting the heavy burden of the world."

The 7th Ray Path is to Enter the Angelic or Deva Evolution "to work sometimes indirectly with humanity as Angels, and sometimes to do the work of the Angelic Hosts in other parts of the Solar System than the Earth".

There is no limit to the number and variety of correspondences which can be worked out for the understanding of life's problems, only a few have been touched upon in this paper, and there is no finer book for this line of study than H.P.Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine.

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