1918 Matter is the Shadow of Spirit E.L.Gardner
1919 The Self and its Problems Charlotte E.Woods
1920 Nature Spirits and the Spirits of the Elements D.N.Dunlop
1922 The Secret Doctrine and Modern Science Bertram A.Tomes
1924 Personal Psychology and the Subconscious Mind Ernest Wood
1925 The Evolution of Man: Individual and Social Percy Lund
1926 The Distinctive Contribution of Theosophy to Christian Thought [available]
1927 The Psychology of Intuition J.Emile Marcault
1930 The Personality of H.P.Blavatsky C.Jinarajadasa
1933 The Occult Teachings of the Christ Josephine Ransom
1934 Indications of a New Culture Adelaide Gardner
1935 The Ethics of the Secret Doctrine Sidney Ransom
1937 Mankind Today and Tomorrow Iwan A. Hawliczek
1941 The Contribution of Theosophy to Freedom E.Winter Preston
1942 The Direction of the Theosophical Society by Masters of Wisdom Josephine Ransom
1943 Theosophy and the Changing Outlook in Science Corona Trew
1944 Theosophy and the Western Mysteries G.Nevin Drinkwater
1945 The Power of Love in the Struggle for Light Greta Eedle
1946 The Nature and Function of the Soul E.L.Gardner
1947 The Mystery Religions Charlotte Woods
1948 Adam, The Prodigal son Laurence J.Bendit
1949 On Order and Purpose in Evolution C.R.Groves
1950 The Science of Spirituality Ianthe H.Hoskins
1951 Man Creator of Form V.Wallace Slater
1952 Brotherhood and the Enlightened Mind Doris Groves
1953 The Sacred Flame Phoebe D.Bendit
1954 The Yoga of the Serpent Fire Edward Gall
1955 Purpose Beyond Reason Hugh Shearman
1956 The Opening of the Doors of the Mind L.C.Soper
1957 The Reign of the Spirit Dudley G.Gower
1958 Physical Forces and Spiritual Intelligences K.Chodkiewicz
1959 Whence come the Gods? and Related Studies E.L.Gardner
1960 The Metaphysics of Experience Basil P.Howell
1961 Getting Ready for 1975 T.H.Redfern
1962 The Abstract and the Concrete R.Hartley
1963 Science and the Real E.Lester Smith
1964 Consciousness: Its Nature and Action N.Sri Ram
1967 A World in Revolution H.Tudor Edmunds
1970 H.P.Blavatsky- the Light-bringer Geoffrey A.Barborka
1973 The Mystery of Satan Edward Gall
1974 Life, Death and Dreams Geoffrey A.Farthing
1976 Paradox and Practicality L.H.Leslie-Smith
1977 The Occultism of Ancient Egypt S.Lancri
1978 The Human Journey- Quest for Self-Transformation Joy Mills
1979 Self-Knowledge in the Light of Theosophy
(reprinted as "The Way of self-knowledge " ) [in preparation]
Radha Burnier
1981 An inquiry into the Nature of Mind Adam Warcup
1983 The Descent into Hades Ted G.Davy
1984 The Flame Divine Jeanine Miller
1985 The Absolute- The Ultimate Reality (Parabrahman) Harry Upadhyay
1986 The Role of Maya in Man's Evolution Seymour D.Ballard
1987 Paramitas of Perfection Muriel Daw
1988 The Universal Yoga Tradition Radha Burnier
1989 Theosophy, A Perennial Wisdom for a New Age Yves Marcel
1996 Blavatsky, Freemasonry and the Western Mystery Tradition John Algeo
1997 Mirages in Western Science Resolved by Occult Science Edi D. Bilimoria
1998 Science, Consciousness and the Paranormal Arthur Ellison
1999 The Soul's Imperative Harold Tarn
2000 Creating the New Age: Theosophy's Origins in the British Isles Michael Gomes
2001 Theosophy: Its Beneficent Potentialities Geoffrey A.Farthing

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