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You are each here to demonstrate the reality of the spiritual nature of man and of its possibilities and potentials released through an attuned consciousness and through action guided by intuition and love and wisdom.
There is a strong force of will, of purpose, moving through this centre which will accomplish all the objectives for which the centre was founded.
It is not dependent on any individual.
Individuals may attune to it and find their own life enhanced, make their own contribution to the whole and in turn find their wholeness increased ... Or individuals may be unable to attune to it, in which case they will be unable to stay.
The stakes are high and time grows increasingly short, and as the time grows shorter the freedom that we have to work and to alter events in human consciousness becomes less and the probabilities of certain actions taking place becomes greater.
For every moment of the Earth's turning in which forces of emotional imbalance, instability, negation and hatred flourish or manifest themselves, your world is brought that much closer to a point of judgment and collapse.
There is a time established in the last quarter of this century, a time which cannot be revealed, when you will be confronted as a planet with a major crisis with smaller ones leading up to it.
Howe well mankind moves through that depends on what is done now to build the new patterns, for it is within the structure of light that will be established and is being established now, that you and we will have the freedom to work and to influence human events . . . the extent of the new society you can develop in these months and years will determine how critical and how destructive the years ahead of you will be, from a human point of view.

p201-202 (hc edition, 1975) The Magic of Findhorn by Paul Hawken

The mzterial above was "channelled" from Count Rakoczy by David Spangler.


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