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[Page 17] THERE are three ways of placing the Taro Cards, which may be considered the Body, Soul, and Spirit of the Taro.

The first manner relates to the lower plane, and has reference to questions concerning every-day life, domestic matters, illness and simple queries, etc. For this placing the four Aces and their relative cards are only to be used.

The second manner has relation to Science, Philosophy, Religion, etc. For this, the Aces, with their cards, and the twenty-two keys are to be employed.

For the third manner of placing the Taro, the twenty-two keys only are to be used with the four aces. The cards are to be left out entirely. This mode is to be used when the knowledge sought for is assignable to the Divine Wisdom, and the revelation and unfolding of the inner light, the sacred knowledge of the Occult.

To place the cards in position, the Aces are to be separated from the pack and shuffled by themselves, and are placed face downwards in the centre of the twelve positions, in the order A B C D ; the other cards are then to be placed as they arise in the positions numbered consecutively 1 to 12. In all cases faces downwards.

The four aces in the centre form always the Astral key of the knowledge sought for, and each card of the Astral key is allied to the trine of cards which cover the places having the same colour.

The colours were given to show the meaning of the twelve places, and this meaning is intensified or weakened, elevated or lowered, according to the kind of knowledge desired.

The twelve places or thrones are divided into four trines; each of the places of the trine bears harmonious relationship to the other.

The meaning of the portions of the Aces which form the Astral key is as follows: A, coloured red, is the throne of Motion, Action, Will, the proper throne for the Ace of Diamonds. This part of the Key gives action to the Red Trines numbered 1, 6, II, and will powerfully affect it, if Diamonds fall on the place A. [Page 18]

The red trine is the trine of life.

No. 1 is Present Existence, Action, Being, the Present State or Time.

No. 6 is Life in the Deity, the Source, the Creator.

No. 11 is Life in Posterity, Children, the After-course.

The second Trine is coloured Yellow, and means power, influence, might, and to it belongs that part of the Astral Key which bears the same colour, marked B. The Ace of Clubs is the most powerful occupier of this Throne. No. 2 of this Trine is the place of power, attached to Honour and Majesty.

No. 7. The power given by surroundings, connections, associations, intellect.

No. 12. The power and influence given by Worth or material qualifications.

The third Trine is coloured Green, and has the Ace of Cups as the bountiful and true occupier of its Key — O. This is the trine of love, and the relative positions are numbered 3, 8, 9.

No. 3 is the place of Love, felicity, agreement, delight.

No. 8 is Love in service, reception, bounty.

No. 9 is the place of Favour, Help, Succour.

The fourth place of the Astral Key is marked D, and this with its relative trine signifies afflictions, oppositions, persecutions, punishment, according to the knowledge desired. It has for its significator the Ace of Swords. Should this Ace fall on this throne of the Key in a question of affliction or opposition, and Swords also on the Violet Trine, it would be very adverse.

The first place of this Trine is No. 4, which is the throne of Evil, Sin, the Pit, the casting down of the Mighty Retribution.

No. 5 is the place of Malice, Hatred, Injury, Treachery.

No. 10. The place of Intellectual Death, Idiocy, Mourning.

The common or ordinary meaning of the Aces is: Diamonds=Life, Clubs=Power, Cups=Love, Swords=Affliction.

The meaning of their relative cards is according to their values, and the place and strength of the place where they may fall.

Diamonds—Signify and give Life, Satisfaction, Ability, accomplishments, etc.

Clubs—Power, force, might, the Creative Will.

Cups—Love, beauty, pleasure, enjoyment, favour.

Swords—Affliction, illness, trial, testing, sifting and death.

When the cards have been placed on their thrones, faces downwards, that card of the Astral Key which will most particularly relate to the question, is first to be turned up, and the mind allowed to dwell on the bearings of this first page of revelation. The trine of cards that belongs to this key [Page 19] is then to be shown, and the strength and meaning of the cards is to be read, with the meaning of the place or throne.

The key next in importance with its trine is then to be dealt with and so on with the rest.

Three different packs of cards should be employed, one kept particularly for the Divine Wisdom. This pack, when not used, should be placed away in a small cedar-wood box, wrapped in a linen cloth, and no hand but that of the student to be allowed to touch this pack.



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