by W. BEALE, F. T. S.

as published in “Theosophical Siftings” - Volume -6- of 1893-1894

[Page 20] WHEN atoms are in disharmony there is warfare between them. This warfare is the result of attempts to restore equilibrium inter se. Why is there sickness; whence proceed earthquakes, accidents, etc., which daily overtake us in this world ? Is it not atomic nature adjusting the equilibrium of her atoms ? When a man receives an injury to one of his limbs, does not he set about to restore that limb into harmony with the rest of his body ? What are events but the steady march of atoms disposing themselves into groups, ever-changing, vari-coloured, guided by determinate laws of correlation and opposition, but all destined finally to unite together into one perfect whole ?

In the kingdoms of nature inferior to man these laws have a natural play, of cause and effect produced by the actions of irresponsible entities, but when it comes to man, the great war on earth begins, for in man nature has found heir worst enemy and braces herself for the struggle. 'Yes, man who is to stand conqueror at the last, must learn to fight the bitterest of all battles — the battle of life over death. And as man by action gains experience, so surely will he find that success in life is founded on 'experience'. And this experience is not of parts but of the whole.

The experience of countless years of vicissitude tempered by short intervals fraught with success, under circumstances and conditions the most varying, is the lot of all of us, till pride and ignorance yield to a truer understanding of nature and teach us that to live in obedience to and in harmony with her is the royal path which leads to the "peace of mind which passeth all understanding". Then, when our eyes are opened and we awake from the long dark night of ignorance to the glorious dawn of unveiled perception, and our consciousness thrills responsive to the music of the spheres, the fight will be at an end and we shall have conquered death, and be no more reborn on this earth, our whilom battleground.

Until we achieve this grand result, there can be no real peace of mind for us.

We all, of course, from time to time, experience an inward contentment, but how momentary and evanescent it is! — it is merely a calm between the storms.

Do what you know to be right with all your might. Follow untiringly in the footsteps of the great ones of the earth, who have appeared from time to time to cheer and uplift the sinking and doubting hearts of humanity — hold their great example before your eyes and trust to the same spirit, which animated them and is in you during the bitter hours of struggle and despair. The more steadfast you are, the sooner will come the bright light of a deeper knowledge, divine wisdom bought of suffering, and then the peace of mind which we all so greatly long for.

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