being an Extract for each Day of the Year

compiled by Winifred A. Parley

published in 1921

by Theosophical Publishing House, London, W.C.2 -
Benares, Adyar (Madras) and Krotona (Los Angeles)

Saith the pupil:

O Teacher, what shall I do to reach to wisdom?

O Wise one, what, to gain perfection?

Search for the paths. But, O Lanoo, be of clean heart before thou startest on thy journey. Before thou takest thy first step, learn to discern the real from the false, the ever-fleeting from the ever-lasting. Learn above all to separate head-learning from Soul-wisdom, the "eye" from the "heart" doctrine.

Voice of the Silence, 42


To the student of H.P.Blavatsky's writings it will be obvious that any attempt to select a limited number of extracts must fail to give any conception of the scope and magnitude of her work. There is a danger, also, in lifting short paragraphs out of their context, that the true meaning may be lost or distorted: for this reason many most suggestive and illuminating passages have had to be omitted.

To those unfamiliar with the books cited, the following list may prove helpful. The reference letters used in the text are shown in italic.

Isis..................Isis Unveiled

A Master Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology. 2 vols. Published New York, 1877

S.D................The Secret Doctrine

The Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy. 2 volumes and Index vol. Published in 1888.

The third volume was issued posthumously (1897) and contains much matter unrevised by the author.

Key................The Key to Theosophy

Being a clear exposition, in the form of question and answer, of the Ethics, Science and Philosophy, for the study of which the Theosophical Society has been founded, with a copious Glossary of general Theosophical terms. 1 vol. Published 1889

M.P. ...............A Modern Panarion

The Voice of the Silence

And other chosen fragments from the Book of the Golden Precepts. Translated and annotated by H.P.B. 1 vol. Published 1889.

Theos...........The Theosophist.

A monthly journal devoted to Oriental Philosophy, Art, Literature and Occultism: embracing Mesmerism, Spiritualism, and other Secret Sciences. Conducted by H.P.Blavatsky, under the auspices of the Theosophical Society. First No. issued from Bombay, Oct., 1879

Luc ................ Lucifer

A Theosophical Magazine designed to "bring to light the hidden things of darkness". Edited first by H.P.Blavatsky and Mabel Collins. Issued monthly from September, 1887, to February, 1909, when the name was changed to the Theosophical Review

Path.............The Path

A Magazine devoted to the Brotherhood of Humanity, Theosophy in America, and the Study of Occult Science, Philosophy and Aryan literature. Edited by W.Q.Judge. First No. issued from New York, April, 1886.

Many articles by H.P.B. appearing in the first two magazines named above been reprinted as follows: —

F.Y...............Five Years of Theosophy

A collection of articles (many by H.P.B.) selected from the first five volumes of "The Theosophist". Published 1885

Pr.Occ. ....... Practical Occultism and Occultism versus The Occult Arts.

Published in Lucifer in 1895 under the title "First Steps in Occultism"; now issued under the above title.

In the Adyar Pamphlet Series:

No. 39. Ancient Egyptian Magic — Theos., Oct. - Nov., 1996

No. 49 "Spirits" of Various KindsLuc., June, 1896

No. 68 The Fall of IdealsLuc., Dec., 1889

No. 71 Spiritual Progress Theos., May, 1885

No. 77 My BooksLuc., May, 1891

No. 81 Star Angel Worship in the Roman Catholic ChurchLuc., July, 1888

No. 105 The Kabalah and The KabalistsLuc., May, 1892

No. 109-110 The Roots of Ritualism in Church and MasonryLuc. March -May, 1889

No. 116 Kosmic MindTheos., May, 1890

No. 121 The Substantial Nature of MagnetismLuc., Sept. 1891

A list of H.P.B.'s writings would not be complete without mentioning the following, from which, however, no quotations are included in the present compilation: —

Nightmare Tales. Short stories. Published 1891.

From the Caves and Jungles of Hindustan. Written in leisure moments during 1879-80 for the pages of a Russian paper. Published 1892.


The references shown in the text related in the case of each book to the last edition published.


January 1

Nature gives up her innermost secrets and imparts true wisdom only to him who seeks truth for its own sake, and who craves for knowledge in order to confer benefits on others, not on his own unimportant personality.

Lucifer, September, 1890

January 2

The springing up of evil thoughts is less injurious than that of idle and indifferent ones. Because as to evil thoughts you are always on your guard, and, having determined to fight and conquer them, this determination helps to develop the will power. Indifferent thoughts, however, serve merely to distract the attention and waste energy.

Practical Occultism, 1885

January 3

For the Occultists, who say that the author of Nature is Nature itself, something indistinct and inseparable from the Deity, it follows that those who are conversant with the Occult laws of Nature, and know how to change and provoke new conditions in Ether, may —not modify the laws, but work and do the same in accordance with these immutable laws.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 531

January 4

....learn that Occultism differs from Magic and other secret Sciences as the glorious sun does from a rushlight, as the immutable and immortal Spirit of Man — the reflection of the absolute, causeless and unknowable ALL — differs from the mortal clay — the human body.

Practical Occultism, Page 26

January 5

From the remotest periods religious philosophies taught that the whole universe was filled with divine and spiritual beings of divers races. From one of these evolved, in the course of time, ADAM, the primitive man.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 2

January 6

Like an immense boa-constrictor, Error, in every shape, encircles mankind, trying to smother in her deadly coils every aspiration towards truth and light. But error is powerful only on the surface, prevented as she is by Occult Nature from going any deeper.

Secret Doctrine, Volume 3, Page 23

January 7

Gnomes, sylphs, fairies, djins, etc., are the Soul of the elements, the capricious forces in Nature, acting under one immutable law, inherent in these Centres of Force, with undeveloped consciousness and bodies of plastic mould, which can be shaped according to the conscious or unconscious will of the human being who puts himself en rapport with them.

Lucifer, August, 1893

January 8

He who deprives any of his fellows of the light, the good, the help, the assistance he can wisely give them, and lives for the accumulation of material things, for his own personal gratification, is the real robber; and he who steals from his fellows the precious possession of character by slander, and any sort of misrepresentation, is no less a thief, and one of the most guilty kind.

Practical Occultism, Page 84

January 9

Civilisation has ever developed the physical and the intellectual at the cost of the psychic and spiritual. The command over and the guidance of one's own psychic nature, which foolish men now associate with the super-natural, were with early Humanity innate and con-genital, and came to man as naturally as walking and thinking.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 352

January 10

The Self of Matter and the Self of Spirit can never meet. One of the twin must disappear; there is no place for both.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 27

January 11

The universe is the combination of a thousand elements, and yet the expression of a single spirit — a chaos to the senses, a cosmos to the reason.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page XXII

January 12

Try with consistent attempts to conquer the prominent weaknesses of your nature by developing thought in the direction that will kill each particular passion.

Practical Occultism, Page 86

January 13

Satan represents, metaphysically, simply the reverse or the polar opposite of everything in Nature. He is the "Adversary", allegorically, the "Murderer", and the great Enemy of all, because there is nothing in the whole Universe that has not two sides — the reverses of the same medal. But in that case, light, goodness, beauty, etc., may be called Satan with as much propriety as the Devil, since they are the Adversaries of darkness, badness and ugliness.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 406

January 14

No sooner had the mental eye of man been opened to understanding, than the Third Race felt itself one with the ever-present, as also the ever to be unknown and invisible , ALL, the One Universal Deity. Endowed with divine powers, and feeling in himself his inner God, each felt he was a Man-God in his nature, though an animal in his physical self. The struggle between the two began from the very day they tasted of the fruit of the Tree of Wisdom; a struggle for life between the spiritual and the psychic, the psychic and the physical.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 284

January 15

Altruism is an integral part of self-development. But we have to discriminate. A man has no right to starve himself to death that another man may have food, unless the life of that man is obviously more useful to the many than is his own life. But it is his duty to sacrifice his own comfort, and to work for others if they are unable to work for themselves...

The Key to Theosophy, Page 161

January 16

The Divine Spiritual, "I", is alone eternal, and the same throughout all births; whereas the "personalities" it informs in succession are evanescent, changing like the shadows of a kaleidoscopic series of forms in a magic lantern.

Lucifer, September, 1890

January 17

Harmony in the physical and mathematical world of sense, is justice in the spiritual one. Justice produces harmony, and injustice discord; and discord, on a cosmical scale, means chaos — annihilation

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 330

January 18

If there is a developed immortal spirit in man, it must be in everything else, at least in a latent or germinal state, and it can only be a question of time for each of these germs to become fully developed.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 330

January 19

The idea of Absolute Unity would be broken entirely in our conception had we not something concrete before our eyes to contain that Unity. And the deity, being absolute, must be omnipresent, hence not an atom but contains IT within itself. The roots, the trunk and its many branches are three distinct objects, yet they are one tree.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 89

January 20

Long persistence in a fixed determination to subjugate matter, brings about a condition in which not only is one insensible to external impressions, but even death itself may be simulated, as we have already seen. The ecstatic so enormously reinforces his will power, as to draw into himself, as into a vortex, the potencies resident in the astral light to supplement his own natural store.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 500

January 21

We (i.e., our personalities) become immortal by the mere fact of our thinking moral nature being grafted on our Divine Triune Monad, Atmâ-Buddhi-Manas, the three in one and one in three (aspects). For the Monad manifested on earth by the incarnating Ego is that which is called the Tree of Life Eternal, that can only be approached by eating the fruit of knowledge, the Knowledge of Good and Evil, or of Gnosis, Divine Wisdom.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 3, Page 518

January 22

Meditation, abstinence in all, the observation of moral duties, gentle thoughts, good deeds and kind words, as goodwill to all and entire oblivion of Self, are the mos efficacious means of obtaining knowledge and preparing for the reception of higher wisdom.

Practical Occultism, Page 15

January 23

Genesis....an eastern work....is in full agreement, when understood, with the universal cosmogony and evolution of life as given in the Secret Doctrine of the Archaic Ages. The last word of science is far from being uttered yet .... Esoteric philosophy teaches that man was the first living being to appear on earth, all the animal world coming after him.

Annotation, The Path, April 1888

January 24

A high development of the intellectual faculties does not imply spiritual and true life. The presence in one of a highly developed human intellectual soul...is quite compatible with the absence of Buddhi, or the spiritual soul. Unless the former evolves from and develops under the beneficent and vivifying rays of the latter, it will remain for ever, but a direct progeny of the terrestrial, lower principles, sterile in spiritual perceptions; a magnificent, luxurious sepulchre, full of the dry bones of decaying matter within.

Lucifer, October, 1893

January 25

If out of the material portion of the ether, by virtue of the inherent restlessness of its particles, the forms of worlds and their species of plants and animals can be evolved, why, out of the spiritual part of the ether, should not successive races of beings, from the stage of monad down to that of man, be developed; each lower form unfolding a higher one until the work of evolution is completed on our earth, in the production of immortal man?

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 340

January 26

That flash of memory which is traditionally supposed to show a drowning man every long-forgotten scene of his mortal life — as the landscape is revealed to the traveller by intermittent flashes of lightning — is simply the sudden glimpse which the struggling soul gets into the silent galleries where his history is depicted in imperishable colours.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 179

January 27

That which is to be shunned is pain not yet come. The past cannot be changed or amended; that which belongs to the experience of the present cannot and should not be shunned; but alike to be shunned are disturbing anticipations or fears of the future, and every act or impulse that may cause present or future pain to ourselves or others.

Practical Occultism, Page 87

January 28

Perfection, to be fully such, must be born out of imperfection, the incorruptible must grow out of the corruptible, having the latter as its vehicle and basis and contrast

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 100

January 29

It is only by the attractive force of the contrasts that the two opposites — Spirit and Matter — can be cemented together on Earth, and, smelted in the fire of self-conscious experience and suffering, find themselves wedded in Eternity.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 108

January 30

Spiritualism is a philosophy (if it be one at all, which so far we deny) of but yesterday; Occultism and the philosophy of the East, whether true absolutely or relatively, are teachings coming to us from an immense antiquity.

Lucifer, June, 1896

January 31

Man, as the Archetypal Man or Adam, is made to contain the whole Kabalistic System. He is the great symbol and shadow, thrown by the manifested Kosmos, itself the reflection of the impersonal and ever-incomprehensible principle: and this shadow furnishes by its construction — the personal grown out of the impersonal — a kind of objective and tangible symbol of everything visible and invisible in the Universe.

Lucifer, May, 1892


February 1

Many theosophists have had slight conscious relations with elementals, but always without their will acting, and upon trying to make elementals see, hear or act for them, a total indifference on the part of the nature spirit is all they have got in return. These failures are due to the fact that the elemental cannot understand the thought of the person; it can only be reached when the exact scale of being to which it belongs is vibrated, whether it be that of colour, form, sound, or whatever else

Annotation - The Path, May, 1888

February 2

Parabrahman is not “God” because It is not a God. “It is that which is supreme, and not supreme”. ....It is supreme as cause, not supreme as effect.

The Secret Doctrine , Proem [Volume 1], Page 35

February 3

The ancients ..... fully realised the fact that the reciprocal relations between the planetary bodies is as perfect as those between the corpuscles of the blood, which float in a common fluid; and that each one is affected by the combined influence of all the rest, as each in its turn affects each of the others.

Isis, Volume 1, Page 275

February 4

Strength to step forward is the primary need of him who has chosen his path. Where is this to be found? Looking round, it is not hard to see where other men find their strength. Its source is profound conviction.

Practical Occultism, Page 67

February 5

There are two kinds of magnetic attraction: sympathy and fascination; the one holy and natural, the other evil and unnatural.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 210

February 6

In the phenomenal and Cosmic World Fohat is that occult, electric, vital power, which, under the Will of the Creative Logos, unites and brings together all forms, giving them the first impulse, which in time becomes law.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 134

February 7

Oaths will never be binding till each man will fully understand that humanity is the highest manifestation on earth of the Unseen Supreme Deity, and each man an incarnation of his God; and when the sense of personal responsibility will be so developed in him that he will consider forswearing the greatest possible insult to himself, as well as to humanity. No oath is now binding, unless taken by one who, without any oath at all, would solemnly keep his simple promise of honour.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 374

February 8

It is the motive, and the motive alone, which makes any exercise of power become black, malignant, or white, beneficent Magic. It is impossible to employ spiritual forces if there is the slightest tinge of selfishness remaining in the operator .... The powers and forces of animal nature can equally be used by the selfish and revengeful, as by the unselfish and the all-forgiving; the powers and forces of spirit lend themselves only to the perfectly pure in heart — and this is Divine Magic.

Practical Occultism, Page 7

February 9

Woe to those who live without suffering. Stagnation and death is the future of all that vegetates without change. And how can there be any change for the better without proportionate suffering during the preceding stage?

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 498

February 10

The person who is endowed with this faculty of thinking about even the most trifling things from the higher plane of thought has, by virtue of that gift which he possesses, a plastic power of formation, so to say, in his very imagination. Whatever such a person may think about, his thought will be so far more intense than the thought of an ordinary person, that by this very intensity it obtains the power of creation.

Lucifer, December, 1888

February 11

Finite reason agrees with science, and says: “There is no God”. But, on the other hand, our Ego, that which lives and thinks and feels independently of us in our mortal casket, does more than believe. It knows that there exists a God in nature, for the sole and invincible Artificer of all lives in us as we live in Him. No dogmatic faith or exact science is able to uproot that intuitional feeling inherent in man, when he has once fully realised it in himself.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 36

February 12

Our voice is raised for spiritual freedom, and our plea made for enfranchisement from all tyranny, whether of Science of Theology.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, I2.

February 13

If through the Hall of Wisdom thou wouldst reach the Vale of Bliss, Disciple, close fast thy senses against the great dire heresy of Separateness that weans thee from the rest.

Voice of the Silence, Page 23

February 14

From strength to strength, from the beauty and perfection of one plane to the greater beauty and perfection of another, with accessions of new glory, of fresh knowledge and power in each cycle, such is the destiny of every Ego, which thus becomes its own saviour in each world and incarnation.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 105

February 15

The assertion that “Theosophy is not a Religion” , by no means excludes the fact that “Theosophy is Religion” itself. A religion in the true and only correct sense is a bond uniting men together — not a particular set of dogmas and beliefs. Now Religion, per se, in its widest meaning is that which binds not only all Men but also all Beings and all things in the entire Universe into one grand whole.

Lucifer, November, 1888

February 16

It may be a pleasant dream to attempt to conceive of the beauties of the spirit world; but the time can be spent more profitably in a study of the spirit itself, and it is not necessary that the subject for study should be in the spirit world.

Modern Panarion Page 70

February 17

Physical existence is subservient to the spiritual, and all physical improvement and progress are only the auxiliaries of spiritual progress, without which there could be no physical progress.

Modern Panarion Page 78

February 18

Mankind — the majority at any rate — hates to think for itself. It resents as an insult the humblest invitation to step for a moment outside the old well-beaten tracks and, judging for itself, to enter into a new path in some fresh direction.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 3, Page 14

February 19

The Present is only a mathematical line which divides that part of Eternal Duration which we call the Future from that part which we call the Past

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 69

February 20

The mind receives indelible impressions even from chance acquaintance or persons encountered but once. As a few seconds' exposure of the sensitized photographic plate is all that is requisite to preserve indefinitely the image of the sitter, so is it with the mind.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 311

February 21

“Beneficent Magic” , so called, is divine magic, devoid of selfishness, love of power, of ambition or lucre, and bent only on doing good, to the world in general and one's neighbour in particular. The smallest attempt to use one's abnormal powers for the gratification of self makes of these powers sorcery or black magic.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 228

February 22

Believing in a spiritual and invisible Universe, we cannot conceive of it in any other way than as completely dovetailing and corresponding with the material, objective Universe; for logic and observation alike teach us that the latter is the outcome and visible manifestation of the former, and that the laws governing both are immutable.

Modern Panarion Page 137

February 23

Even ignorance is better than Head-learning with no Soul-wisdom to illuminate and guide it.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 43

February 24

Mediumship is the opposite of adeptship; the medium is the passive instrument of foreign influences, the adept actively controls himself and all inferior potencies.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 588

February 25

Theosophy teaches self-abnegation, but does not teach rash and useless self-sacrifice, nor does it justify fanaticism.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 161

February 26

Between man and the animal — whose Monads, or Jivas, are fundamentally identical — there is the impassable abyss of Mentality and Self-consciousness .... and what is it that creates such difference, unless man is an animal plus a living God within his physical shell?

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 85

February 27

The right motive for seeking self-knowledge is that which pertains to knowledge and not to self. Self-knowledge is worth seeking by virtue of its being knowledge, and not by virtue of its pertaining to self. The main requisite for acquiring self-knowledge is pure love. Seek knowledge for pure love, and self-knowledge eventually crowns the effort.

Practical Occultism, Page 61

February 28

Eastern wisdom teaches that spirit has to pass through the ordeal of incarnation and life, and to be baptised with matter before it can reach experience and knowledge. After which only it receives the baptism of soul, or self-consciousness, and may return to its original condition of a god, plus experience, ending with omniscience. In other words, it can return to the original state of the homogeneity, of primordial essence only through the addition of the fruitage of Karma, which alone is able to create an absolute conscious deity, removed but one degree from the absolute All.

Lucifer, October, 1887

February 29

Do we not see in history, and even find this within our own experience, that the great kingdoms of the world, after reaching the culmination of their greatness, descend again, in accordance with the same law by which they ascended? till, having reached the lowest point, humanity reasserts itself and mounts up once more, the height of its attainment being, by this law of ascending, progression by cycles, somewhat higher than the point from which it had before descended. Kingdoms and empires are under the same cyclic laws as planets, races, and everything else in Kosmos.

Lucifer, September, 1896


March 1

Life is the great teacher: it is the great manifestation of Soul, and Soul manifests the Supreme.

Practical Occultism, Page 82

March 2

Pure primeval magic does not consist in superstitious practices and vain ceremonies, but in the imperial will of man.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 170

March 3

By its complex nature the soul may descend and ally itself so closely to the corporeal nature as to exclude a higher life from exerting any moral influence upon it. On the other hand, it can so closely attach itself to the Nous or Spirit as to share its potency, in which case its vehicle, physical man, will appear as a God even during his terrestrial life.

Modern Panarion, Page 134

March 4

The processes of Nature are acts of incessant borrowing and giving back

Five Years of Theosophy, Page 344

March 5

If we admit that we are in the stream of evolution, then each circumstance must be to us quite right.

Practical Occultism, Page 63

March 6

The centripetal force could not manifest itself without the centrifugal in the harmonious revolution of the spheres; all forms are the products of this dual force in nature.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 318

March 7

The duty of a Theosophist to himself is to control and conquer, through the Higher Self, the lower self. To purify himself inwardly and morally; to fear no one, and nought, save the tribunal of his own conscience. Never to do a thing by halves; i.e., if he thinks it the right thing to do, let him do it openly and boldly, and if wrong, never touch it at all.

The Key to Theosophy , Page 162

March 8

Crimes committed in Avidyâ, or ignorance, involve physical but not moral responsibilities or karma. Take, for example, the case of idiots, children, savages, and people who know no better. But the case of each who is pledged to the Higher Self is quite another matter. You cannot invoke the Divine Witness with impunity, and once that you have put yourselves under its tutelage, you have asked the Radiant Light to shine and search through all the dark corners of your being; consciously you have invoked the Divine Justice of Karma to take note of your motive, to scrutinize your actions, and to enter up all in your account.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 3, Page 529

March 9

No form can come into objective existence — from the highest to the lowest — before the abstract ideal of this form — or, as Aristotle would call it, the privation of this form — is called forth. Before an artist paints a picture every feature of it exists already in his imagination; to have enabled us to discern a watch, this particular watch must have existed in its abstract form in the watch-maker's mind. So with future men.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 310

March 10

True knowledge is the flour, false learning is the husk. If thou wouldst eat the bread of Wisdom, thy flour thou hast to knead with Amrita's [Immortality] clear waters. But if thou kneadest husks with Mâyâ's dew, thou canst create but food for the black doves of death, the birds of birth, decay and sorrow.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 46

March 11

Magic is but a science, a profound knowledge of the Occult forces in Nature, and of the laws governing the visible or the invisible world.

Modern Panarion, Page 57

March 12

No man can learn true and final Wisdom in one birth; and every new rebirth, whether we be reincarnated for weal or for woe, is one more lesson we receive at the hands of the stern yet ever just schoolmaster - Karmic Life.

Lucifer, September, 1890

March 13

Between the extremes of spiritual negation and affirmation there ought to be a middle ground; only pure philosophy can establish truth upon firm principles; and no philosophy can be complete unless it embraces both physics and metaphysics.

Modern Panarion, Page 302

March 14

He who does not practise altruism; he who is not prepared to share his last morsel with a weaker or poorer than himself; he who neglects to help his brother man, of whatever race, nation, or creed, whenever and wherever he meets suffering, and who turns a deaf ear to the cry of human misery; he who hears an innocent person slandered, whether a brother theosophist or not, and does not undertake his defence as he would undertake his own — is no Theosophist.

Lucifer, November, 1887

March 15

The trunk of the Asvattha (the tree of Life and Being, the Rod of the Caduceus) grows from and descends at every Beginning ..... from the two dark wings of the Swan (Hansa) of Life. The two Serpents, the ever-living and its illusion (Spirit and Matter), whose two heads grow from the one head between the wings, descend along the trunks interlaced in close embrace. The two tails join on earth (the manifested Universe) into one, and this is the great illusion, O Lanoo!

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 600

March 16

Nature is triune; there is a visible, objective nature; an invisible, indwelling, energising nature, the exact model of the other, and its vital principle; and, above these two, spirit, source of all forces, alone eternal and indestructible. The lower two constantly change; the higher third does not.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 587

March 17

One single journey to the Orient, made in the proper spirit, and the possible emergencies arising from the meeting of what may seem no more than the chance acquaintances and adventures of any traveller, may quite as likely as not throw wide open to the zealous student the heretofore closed doors of the final mysteries .... and is sure to produce more rapid, better, and far more practical results than the most diligent study of Occultism in books.

Modern Panarion, Page 54

March 18

We live in an atmosphere of gloom and despair .... because our eyes are downcast and riveted to the earth, with all its physical and grossly material manifestations. If instead of that, man, proceeding on his life journey, looked — not heavenward, which is but a figure of speech — but within himself, and centred his point of observation on the inner man, he would soon escape from the coils of the great serpent of illusion.

Lucifer, October, 1887

March 19

Magic, as a science, is the knowledge of these principles and of the way by which the omniscience and omnipotence of the spirit and its control over nature's forces may be acquired by the individual while still in the body. Magic, as an art, is the application of this knowledge in practice.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 588

March 20

The identity of our physical origin makes no appeal to our higher and deeper feelings. Matter, deprived of its soul and spirit, or its divine essence, cannot speak to the human heart. But the identity of the soul and spirit, of real, immortal man as Theosophy teaches us, once proven and become deep rooted in our hearts, would lead us far on the road of real charity and brotherly good will.

The Key to Theosophy , Page 30

March 21

Lead the life necessary for the acquisition of such knowledge and powers, and Wisdom will come to you naturally.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 190

March 22

So long as the double man, i.e., the man of flesh and spirit, keeps within the limits of the law of spiritual continuity, so long as the divine spark lingers in him, however faintly, he is on the road to an immortality in the future state.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 327

March 23

The seed of woman, or lust, bruised the head of the seed of the fruit of wisdom, by turning the holy mystery of procreation into animal gratification; hence the Law of Karma “bruise the heel ” of the Atlantean Race, by gradually changing physiologically, morally, physically and mentally, the whole nature of the Fourth Race of mankind, until from being the healthy king of animal creation in the Third Race, man became in the Fifth, our Race, a helpless, scrofulous being, and has now become the wealthiest heir on the Glove to constitutional and hereditary disease, the most consciously and intelligently bestial of all animals!

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 429

March 24

The Sixth Principle in Man (Buddhi, the Divine Soul) though a mere breath, in our conceptions, is still something material when compared with Divine Spirit (Atmâ) of which it is the carrier or vehicle.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 144

March 25

The Platonic philosophy was one of order, system , and proportion; it embraced the evolution of worlds and species, the correlation and conversation of energy, the transmutation of material form, the indestructibility of matter and spirit. Their position in the latter respect being far in advance of modern science, and binding the arch of their philosophical system with a keystone at once perfect and immovable.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 238

March 26

It is personal selfishness that develops and urges man on to abuse of his knowledge and power. And selfishness is a human building, who window and doors are ever wide open for every kind of iniquity to enter into man's soul.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 3, Page 50

March 27

Plants would perish in their first stage of existence if they were kept exposed to a constant sunlight; the night alternating with the day is essential to their healthy growth and development. Goodness, likewise, would speedily cease to be such, were it not alternated by its opposite. In human nature, evil denotes the antagonism of matter to the spiritual, and each is accordingly purified thereby. In the cosmos, the equilibrium must be preserved; the operation of the two contraries produces harmony, like the centripetal and centrifugal forces, and each is necessary to the other. If one is arrested, the action of the other will immediately become destructive.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 480

March 28

The true Adept, the developed man, must, we are always told, become — he cannot be made. The process is, therefore, one of growth through evolution, and this must necessarily involved a certain amount of pain.

The Theosophist, May, 1885

March 29

The Rosicrucian theory, that the whole universe is a musical instrument, is the Pythagorean doctrine of the music of the spheres, Sounds and colours are all spiritual numerals; as the seven prismatic rays proceed from one spot in heaven, so the seven powers of nature, each of them a number, are the seven radiations of the Unity, the central, spiritual Sun.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 514

March 30

To become self-conscious, Spirit must pass through every cycle of being, culminating in its highest point on earth in Man. Spirit per se is an unconscious negative abstraction. Its purity is inherent, not acquired by merit; hence, to become the highest Dhyân Chohan, it is necessary for each Ego to attain to full self-consciousness as a human, i.e.,, conscious, being, which is synthesized for us in Man.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 215

March 31

Christ, the true esoteric Saviour, is no man, but the Divine Principle in every human being. He who strives to resurrect the Spirit crucified in him by his own terrestrial passions, and buried deep in the “sepulchre” of his sinful flesh; he who has the strength to roll back the stone of matter from the door of his inner sanctuary, he has the risen Christ in him.

Lucifer, November, 1887


April 1

Adverse opinions are like conflicting winds which brush from the quiet surface of a lake the green scum that tends to settle upon still waters.

Lucifer, September, 1892

April 2

Physical organic progress is effected through hereditary transmission; spiritual organic progress by transmigration.

Modern Panarion, Page 79

April 3

Spiritual culture is attained through concentration. It must be continued daily and every moment to be of use. Meditation has been defined as “the cessation of active external thought” . Concentration is the entire life-tendency to a given end.

Practical Occultism, Page 81

April 4

The “Fall” is a universal allegory. It sets forth at one end of the ladder of Evolution the “rebellion”, i.e. the action of differentiating intellection, or consciousness, on its various planes, seeking union with Matter; and at the other, the lower end, the rebellion of Matter against Spirit, or of action against spiritual inertia.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 65

April 5

..... in the twentieth century of our era scholars will begin to recognise that the Secret Doctrine has neither been invented nor exaggerated, but, on the contrary, simply outlined; and finally, that its teachings antedate the Vedas.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 21

April 6

For mind is like a mirror; it gathers dust while it reflects. It needs the gentle breezes of Soul-wisdom to brush away the dust of our illusions. Seek, O Beginner, to blend thy Mind and Soul.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 43

April 7

Man-spirit proves God-spirit, as the one drop of water proves a source from which it must have come. Tell one who had never seen water that there is an ocean of water and he must accept it on faith or reject it altogether. But let one drop fall upon his hand, and he then has the fact from which all the rest may be inferred.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page XII

April 8

Real life is in the spiritual consciousness of that life, in a conscious existence in Spirit, not matter; and real death is the limited perception of life, the impossibility of sensing conscious or even individual existence outside of form, or at least of some form of Matter.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 3, Page 512

April 9

Arcane knowledge misapplied, is sorcery; beneficently used, true magic or Wisdom.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 588

April 10

As there is no good or evil per se, so there is neither “elixir of life”, nor “elixir of death”, nor poison, per se, but all this is contained in one and the same universal Essence, this or the other effect, or result, depending on the degree of its differentiation and its various correlations. The light side of it produces life, health, bliss, divine peace, etc., the dark side brings death, disease, sorrow and strife.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 3, Page 489

April 11

Once grasp the idea that universal causation is not merely present, but past, present and future, and every action on our present plane falls naturally and easily into its true place, and is seen in its true relation to ourselves and to others. Every mean and selfish action sends us backwards and not forward, while every noble thought and every unselfish deed are stepping stones to the higher and more glorious planes of being.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 159

April 12

Ten ciphers, twenty-two alphabetical letters, one triangle, a square and a circle. Such are the elements of the Kabalah, from whose mysterious bosom sprang all the religions of the past and present.

Modern Panarion, Page 52

April 13

No psychic phenomenon is involved. It is neither prevision nor prophecy .... It is simply knowledge, and mathematically correct computations, which enable the Wise Men of the East to foretell that England is on the eve of such or another catastrophe; that France is nearing such a point of her Cycle; and that Europe in general is threatened with, or rather on the eve of, a cataclysm, to which her own Cycle of racial karma has led her. [Written before 1888]

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 708

April 14

Man .... in a mortal body is affected by doubts which will spring up. When they do arise, it is because he is ignorant about something. He should, therefore, be able to dispense doubt “by the sword of knowledge”. .... All doubts come from the lower nature, and never in any case from the higher nature.

Practical Occultism, Page 80

April 15

Karma is the unerring law which adjusts effect to cause, on the physical, mental and spiritual planes of being. As no cause remains without its due effect from greatest to least, from a cosmic disturbance down to the movement of your hand, and as like produces like, Karma is that unseen and unknown law which adjusts wisely, intelligently and equitably, each effect to its cause, tracing the latter back to its producer.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 136

April 16

There is no Devil, no Evil outside mankind to produce a Devil. Evil is a necessity in, and one of the supporters of the Manifested Universe. It is a necessity for progress and evolution, as night is necessary for the production of day, and death for that of life — that man may live for ever.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 406

April 17

No Ego differs from another Ego, in its primordial or original essence and nature. That which makes one mortal a great man and of another a vulgar, silly person, is the quality and make-up of the physical shell or casing, and the adequacy or inadequacy of brain and body to transmit and give expression to the light of the real, Inner man; and this aptness or inaptness is, in its turn, the result of Karma

Lucifer, November, 1889

April 18

The Mind is the great Slayer of the Real. Let the Disciple slay the Slayer.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 14

April 19

Our conceptions, limited to the narrow area of our experience, attempt to fit if not an end, at least a beginning of time and space; but neither of these exists in reality; for in such case time would not be eternal, nor space boundless.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 184

April 20

In the Hall of Learning ...... thy Soul will find the blossoms of life, but under every flower a serpent coiled.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 19

April 21

When Paul entitles himself a “master-builder”, he is using a word pre-eminently kabalistic, theurgic, and masonic, and one which no other apostle uses. He thus declares himself an adept, having the right to initiate others.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 91

April 22

Man, the most perfect of organised beings on earth, in whom matter and spirit — i.e., will —are the most developed and powerful, is alone allowed to give a conscious impulse to that principle which emanates from him; and only he can impart to the magnetic fluid opposite and various impulses without limit as to the direction.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 144

April 23

It is an occult law that no man can rise superior to his individual failings without lifting, be it ever so little, the whole body of which he is an integral part. In the same way no one can sin, nor suffer the effects of sin, alone. In reality, there is no such things as “separateness”; and the nearest approach to that selfish state which the laws of life permit is in the intent or motive.

The Key to Theosophy , page 137

April 24

To sum up all in a few words, Magic is spiritual Wisdom; nature the material ally, pupil and servant of the magician. One common, vital principle pervades all things, and this is controllable by the perfect human will. The adept can stimulate the movements of the natural forces in plants and animals in a preternatural degree. Such experiments are not obstructions of nature, but quickenings; the conditions of intenser vital action are given.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 590

April 25

The Darwinian theory of the transmission of acquired faculties is neither taught nor accepted in Occultism. Evolution, in the latter, proceeds on quite other lines; the physical, according to Esoteric Teaching, evolving gradually from the spiritual, mental and psychic.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 238

April 26

What is “Divine Wisdom”, or Gnosis, but the essential reality behind the evanescent appearances of objects in nature — the soul of the manifested Logos?

Lucifer, November, 1888

April 27

.... Adepts, that is to say, are men who have developed and perfected their physical, mental, psychic, and spiritual organisations, to the utmost possible degree.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 294

April 28

Karma creates nothing, nor does it design. It is man who plans and creates causes, and Karmic Law adjusts the effect, which adjustment is not an act, but universal harmony, tending ever to resume its original position, like a bough, which, bent down too forcibly, rebounds with corresponding vigour. If it happen to dislocate the arm that tried to bend it out of its natural position, shall we say that it is the bough which broke our arm, or that our own folly has brought us to grief?

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 319

April 29

The best remedy for evil is not the suppression, but the elimination of desire, and this can best be accomplished by keeping the mind constantly steeped in things divine.

Practical Occultism, Page 68

April 30

A thorough familiarity with the occult faculties of everything existing in nature, visible as well as invisible; their mutual relations, attractions, and repulsions; the cause of these, traced to the spiritual principle which pervades and animates all things; the ability to furnish the best conditions for this principle to manifest itself — in order words, a profound and exhaustive knowledge of natural law — this was and is the basis of magic.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 244


May 1

Nature (in man) must become a compound of Spirit and Matter before he becomes what he is; and the Spirit latent in Matter must be awakened to life and consciousness gradually. The Monad has to pass through its mineral, vegetable and animal forms before the Light of the Logos is awakened in the animal man. Therefore, till then, the latter cannot be referred to as “man” , but has to be regarded as a Monad imprisoned in ever-changing forms.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 45

May 2

Sorcery is any kind of evil influence exercised upon other persons, who suffer, or make others suffer, in consequence.

Practical Occultism, Page 48

May 3

Intimately, or rather indissolubly, connected with Karma, then, is the Law of Rebirth, or of the reincarnation of the same spiritual Individuality in a long, almost interminable, series of Personalities. The latter are like the various characters played by the same actor, with each of which that actor identifies himself, and is identified by the public, for the space of a few hours.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 320

May 4

Occultism embraces the whole range of psychological, physiological, cosmical, physical, and spiritual phenomena.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, XLIII

May 5

We may designate the spirit as the centrifugal, and the soul as the centripetal, spiritual energies. When in perfect harmony, both forces produce one result; break or damage the centripetal motion of the earthly soul tending toward the centre which attracts it; arrest its progress by clogging it with a heavier weight of matter than it can bear, and the harmony of the whole, which was its life, is destroyed.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 318

May 6

Karma-Nemesis .... punishes the evil-doer, aye, even to his seventh rebirth, so long, indeed, as the effect of his having thrown into perturbation even the smallest atom in the Infinite World of Harmony has not been finally readjusted.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 704

May 7

The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is but a series of historical records of the great struggle between White and Black Magic, between the Adepts of the Right Path, the Prophets, and those of the Left, the Levites, the clergy of the brutal masses.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 221

May 8

Where do we find in history that “Messenger”, grand or humble, an Initiate or a Neophyte, who, when he was made the bearer of some hitherto concealed truth or truths, was not crucified and rent to shreds by the “dogs” of envy, malice and ignorance? Such is the terrible Occult law; and he who does not feel in himself the heart of a lion to scorn the savage barking, and the soul of a dove to forgive the poor ignorant fools, let him give up the Sacred Science.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 3, Page 90

(H.P.B. died May 8, 1891)

May 9

Slavery to State and men has disappeared only to make room for slavery to things and Self , to one's own vices and idiotic social customs and ways .... Where, then, is the Wisdom of our modern age?

Lucifer, September, 1890

May 10

Through joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure,the soul comes to a knowledge of itself; then begins the task of learning the laws of life, that the discords may be resolved, and the harmony be restored.

Lucifer, September, 1887

May 11

Prayer is an ennobling action when it is an intense feeling, an ardent desire rushing forth from our very heart, for the good of other people, and when entirely detached from any selfish, personal object.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 3, Page 51

May 12

The building of the Temple of Solomon is the symbolical representation of the gradual acquirement of the secret wisdom or magic; the erection and development of the spiritual from the earthly; the manifestation of the power and splendour of the spirit in the physical world, through the wisdom and genius of the builder. The latter, when he has become an adept, is a mightier king than Solomon himself, the emblem of the sun or Light himself — the light of the real subjective world, shining in the darkness of the objective universe.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 391

May 13

Thou shalt not let thy senses make a playground of thy mind.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 70

May 14

The radical unity of the ultimate essence of each constituent part of compounds in Nature — from star to mineral atom, from the highest Dhyân Chohan to the smallest infusorium, in the fullest acceptation of the term, and whether applied to the spiritual, intellectual or physical worlds — this unity is the one fundamental law in Occult Science.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 145

May 15

What constitutes real knowledge? The question lies at the very threshold of occult study.

Modern Panarion, Page 450

May 16

Shiva, the Destroyer, is the Creator and the Saviour of Spiritual Man, as he is the good gardener of Nature. He weeds out the plants, human and cosmic, and kills the passions of the physical, to call to life the perceptions of the spiritual, man.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 495

May 17

A man must believe in his innate power of progress. A man must refuse to be terrified by his greater nature, and must not be drawn back by his lesser or material self.

Practical Occultism, Page 66

May 18

It is only through observing the law of harmony that individual life hereafter can be obtained; and the farther the inner and outer man deviate from this fount of harmony, whose source lies in our divine spirit, the more difficult it is to regain the ground.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 317

May 19

As the white ray of light is decomposed by the prism into the various colours of the solar spectrum, so the beam of divine truth, in passing through the three-sided prism of man's nature, has been broken up into vari-coloured fragments called Religions .... Combined, their aggregate represents one eternal truth; separate, they are but shades of human error and the signs of imperfection.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 639

May 20

The will of the Creator, through which all things were made and received their first impulse, is the property of every living being. Man, endowed with an additional spirituality, has the largest share of it on this planet. It depends on the proportion of matter in him whether he will exercise its magical faculty with more or less success.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 213

May 21

Any person of average intellectual capacities, and a leaning towards the metaphysical; of pure, unselfish life, who finds more joy in helping his neighbour than in receiving help himself; one who is every ready to sacrifice his own pleasures for the sake of other people; and who loves Truth, Goodness and Wisdom for their own sake, not for the benefit they may confer — is a Theosophist.

Practical Occultism, Page 3

May 22

This Law (Karma-Nemesis, or the Law of Retribution), whether Conscious or Unconscious, predestines nothing and no one. It exists from and in Eternity, truly, for it is Eternity itself; and as such, since no act can be co-equal with Eternity,it cannot be said to act, for it is Action itself. It is not the wave which drowns a man, but the personal action of the wretch who goes deliberately and places himself under the impersonal action of the laws that govern the ocean's motion.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 319

May 23

The “Doctrine of the Eye” is for the crowd; the “Doctrine of the Heart ” for the elect. The first repeat in pride, “Behold, I know”; the last, they who in humbleness have garnered, low confess:“Thus have I heard ”.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 45

May 24

Real philosophy cannot make any choice arbitrarily; there is but one eternal verity, and, in pursuit of that, thought is forced to travel along one road.

Modern Panarion, Page 450

May 25

For this “Astral”, the shadowy “double” (in the animal as in man), is not the companion of the divine Ego, but of the earthly body. It is the link between the personal Self, the lower consciousness of Manas and the body, and is the vehicle of transitory, not of immortal life.

Practical Occultism, Page 42

May 26

The immediate work, whatever it may be, has the abstract claim of duty, and its relative importance or non-importance is not to be considered at all.

Practical Occultism, Page 68

May 27

Purity of deed and thought can alone raise us to an intercourse “with the gods” and attain for us the goal we desire.

Modern Panarion, Page 268

May 28

From Gods to men, from Worlds to atoms, from a Star to a rush-light, from the Sun to the vital heat of the meanest organic being — the world of Form and Existence is an immense chain, the links of which are all connected. The Law of Analogy is the first key to the world-problem, and these links have to be studied coordinately in their Occult relations to each other.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 662

May 29

If, on the one hand, a great portion of the educated public is running into atheism and scepticism, on the other hand we find an evident current of mysticism forcing its way into science.

Five Years of Theosophy, Page 307

May 30

We produce Causes, and these awaken the corresponding powers in the Sidereal World, which are magnetically and irresistibly attracted to — and react upon — those who produce such causes; whether such persons are practically the evil-doers, or simply “thinkers” who brood mischief.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 149

May 31

No man does right who gives up the unmistakable duties of life, resting on Divine command.

Practical Occultism, Page 77


June 1

Mutual criticism is a most healthy policy, and helps to establish final and definite rules in life — practical, not merely theoretical. We have had enough of theories.

Lucifer, September, 1892

June 2

The human Monads or Egos ..... are gradually formed and strengthened during their incarnation-cycle by constant additions of individuality from the personalities in which incarnates the androgynous, half-spiritual, half-terrestrial principle, partaking of both heaven and earth, called by the Vedantins Jîva ..... and by the Occultists the Manas (mind); that, in short, which, uniting itself partially with the Monad, incarnates in each new birth. In perfect unity with its (seventh) Principle, the Spirit unalloyed, it is the divine Higher Self.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 3, Page 58

June 3

Under the emblematical devices and peculiar phraseology of the priesthood of old lie latent hints of sciences as yet undiscovered during the present cycle.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 156

June 4

To act and act wisely when the time for action comes, to wait and wait patiently when it is time for repose, puts man in accord with the rising and falling tides (of affairs), so that, with nature and law at his back, and truth and beneficence as his beacon light, he may accomplish wonders.

Practical Occultism, Page 64

June 5

All things that ever were, that are, or that will be, have their record upon the astral light, or tablet of the unseen universe; the initiated adept, by using the vision of his own spirit, can know all that has been known or can be known.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 588

June 6

The spirit of man which comes into direct and conscious relations with the world of spirit acquires real knowledge; while the spirit of man which lives imprisoned in the body, and is merely fed through the sense with crumbs of knowledge, possesses the unreal only.

Modern Panarion, Page 452

June 7

The wheel of the Good Law moves swiftly on. It guides by night and day. The worthless husks it drives from out the golden grain, the refuse from the flour. The hand of Karma guides the wheel; the revolutions mark the beatings of the Karmic heart.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 45

June 8

Let it be remembered that the Fire and Air of Occultism, or the “Elements of Primary Creation” so-called, are not the compound elements they are on Earth, but noumenal homogeneous Elements — the Spirits of the former.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 239

June 9

The Watcher, or the Divine Prototype, is at the upper rung of the Ladder of Being, the Shadow at the lower, Withal, the Monad of every living being, unless his moral turpitude breaks the connection, and he runs loose an astray in the “Lunar Path” — to use the Occult expression — is an individual Dhyân Chohan, distinct from others, with a kind of spiritual Individuality of its own, during one special Manvantara.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 285

June 10

Give up thy life, if thou wouldst live.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 18

June 11

As God creates, so man can create. Given a certain intensity of will, and the shapes created by the mind become subjective. Hallucinations, they are called, although to their creator they are real as any visible object is to anyone else. Given a more intense and intelligent concentration of this will, and the form becomes concrete, visible, objective; the man has learned the secret of secrets; he is a Magician

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 62

June 12

The Theosophical idea of charity means personal exertion for others; personal mercy and kindness; personal interest in the welfare of those who suffer; personal sympathy, forethought and assistance in their troubles or needs.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 164

June 13

If the Pythagorean metempsychosis should be thoroughly explained and compared with the modern theory of evolution, it would be found to supply every “missing link” in the chain of the latter.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 9

June 14

By reason of the extraordinary growth of human intellect and the development in our age of the fifth principle (Manas) in man, its rapid progress has paralysed spiritual perceptions. It is at the expense of wisdom that intellect generally lives, and mankind is quite unprepared in its present condition to comprehend the awful drama of human disobedience to the laws of Nature, and the subsequent Fall as a result.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 3, Page 331

June 15

Shalt thou abstain from action? Not so shall gain thy Soul her freedom. To reach Nirvâna one must reach Self-Knowledge, and Self-Knowledge is of loving deeds the child.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 49

June 16

The “Higher Ego” cannot act directly on the body, as its consciousness belongs to quite another plane and planes of ideation; the “lower” Self does; and its action and behaviour depend on its free will and choice as to whether it will gravitate more towards its parent (the “Father in Heaven”) or the “animal” which it informs, the man of flesh.

Lucifer, October, 1890

June 17

There can be no sectarianism in truth seeking.

Modern Panarion, Page 491

June 18

Fohat is the personified electrical vital power, the transcendental binding unity of all cosmic energies, on the unseen as on the manifested planes, the action of which resembles, on an immense scale, that of a living Force created by Will in those phenomena where the seemingly subjective acts on the seemingly objective, and propels it to action.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 136

June 19

Be he what he may, once that a student abandons the old and trodden highway of routine, and enters upon the solitary path of independent thought — Godward — he is a Theosophist; an original thinker, a seeker after the eternal truth with “an inspiration of his own” to solve the universal problems.

Modern Panarion, Page 274

June 20

Ancient, historical Magic is .... reflecting itself upon the scientific records of our own all-denying century. It forces the hand and tires the brain of the scientist, laughing at his efforts to interpret its meaning in his own materialistic way, yet helps the Occultist better to understand modern Magic, the rickety, weak grandchild of her powerful, archaic grandam.

The Theosophist, October, 1886

June 21

It is the will of man, his all-potent will, that weaves his destiny, and if a man is determined in the notion that death means annihilating, he will find it so.

Modern Panarion, Page 139

June 22

By the radiant light of the universal magnetic ocean, whole electric waves bind the cosmos together, and in their ceaseless motion penetrate every atom and molecule of the boundless creation, the disciples of mesmerism — howbeit insufficient their various experiments — intuitionally perceive the alpha and omega of the great mystery. Alone, the study of this agent, which is the divine breath, can unlock the secrets of psychology and physiology, of cosmical and spiritual phenomena.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 282

June 23

Right thought is a good thing, but thought alone does not count for much unless it is translated into action.

The Theosophist, May, 1885

June 24

It is only the knowledge of the constant re-births of one and the same Individuality throughout the Life-Cycle; the assurance that the same Monads — among whom are many Dhyân Chohans, or the “Gods” themselves — have to pass through the “Circle of Necessity”, rewarded or punished by such re-birth for the suffering endured or crimes committed in the former life .... that can explain to us the mysterious problem of Good and Evil, and reconcile man to the terrible apparent injustice of life.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 317

June 25

Matter is as indestructible and eternal as the immortal spirit itself, but only in its particles, and not as organised forms.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 328

June 26

To live to benefit mankind is the first step.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 52

June 27

After the separation between the life-principle (astral spirit) and the body takes place, the liberated soul — Monad, exultingly rejoins the mother and father spirit, the radiant Augoeides, and the two, merged into one, for ever form, with a glory proportioned to the spiritual purity of the past earth-life, the Adam who has completed the circle of necessity, and is freed from the last vestige of his physical encasement.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 303

June 28

No one should go into Occultism or even touch it before he is perfectly acquainted with his own powers, and that he knows how to commensurate with his actions. And this he can do only by studying the philosophy of Occultism before entering upon the practical training. Otherwise, as sure as fate, he will fall into Black Magic.

Lucifer, December, 1888

June 29

The division of the history of mankind into Golden, Silver, Copper, and Iron Ages, is not a fiction. We see the same thing in the literature of peoples. An age of great inspiration and unconscious productiveness is invariably followed by an age of criticism and consciousness. The one affords material for the analysing and critical intellect of the other.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 34

June 30

We stand bewildered before the mystery of our own making, and the riddles of life that we will not solve, and then accuse the great Sphinx of devouring us. But verily, there is not an accident in our lives, not a misshapen day, or a misfortune, that could not be traced back to our own doings in this or in another life. If one breaks the laws of Harmony .... the “laws of life”, one must be prepared to fall into the chaos oneself has produced.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 705


July 1

The doctrine of Metempsychosis has been abundantly ridiculed by men of science and rejected by theologians, yet if it had been properly understood in its application to the indestructibility of matter and the immortality of spirit, it would have been perceived that it is a sublime conception.

Isis Unveiled, Volume1, Page 8

July 2

Whether the physical man be under the rule of an empire or a republic, concerns only the man of matter. This body may be enslaved; as to his soul, he has the right to give to his rulers the proud answer of Socrates to his judges. They have no sway over the inner man.

Modern Panarion, Page 276

July 3

The only decree of Karma, an eternal and immutable decree, is absolute Harmony in the world of Matter as it is in the world of Spirit. It is not, therefore, Karma that rewards or punishes, but it is we who reward or punish ourselves, according as we work with, through and along with Nature, abiding by the laws on which that harmony depends, or breaking them.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 704

July 4

Theosophists do not believe in giving money through other people's hands or organisations. We believe in giving to the money a thousandfold greater power and effectiveness by our personal contact and sympathy with those who need it.

The Key to Theosophy , Page 164

July 5

After the death of the depraved and the wicked arrives the critical moment. If during life the ultimate and desperate effort of the inner self to re-unite itself with the faintly-glimmering ray of its divine parent is neglected; if this ray is allowed to be more and more shut out by the thickening crust of matter, the soul, once freed from the body, follows its earthly attractions, and is magnetically drawn into and held within the dense fogs of the material atmosphere.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 319

July 6

It is an external law that man cannot be redeemed by a power external to himself.

Practical Occultism, Page 83

July 7

Pythagoras taught that the entire universe is one vast system of mathematically correct combinations. Plato shows the deity geometrising. The world is sustained by the same law of equilibrium and harmony upon which it was built.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 318

July 8

At 8,000 or 9,000 years earlier the stream of knowledge had been slowly running down from the tablelands of Central Asia into India and towards Europe and Northern Africa, so about 500 years B.C. it had begun to flow backward to its old home and birthplace. During the two thousand subsequent years the knowledge of the existence of great Adepts nearly died out in Europe. Nevertheless, in some secret places the Mysteries were still enacted in all their primitive purity. The "Sun of Righteousness" still blazed high on the midnight sky; and, while darkness was upon the face of the profane world, there was the eternal light in the Adyta on the nights of Initiation.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 3, Page 278

July 9

Man, is the philosopher's stone spiritually. " a triune or trinity in unity", as Philalethes expresses it. But he is also that stone physically. The latter is but the effect of the cause, and the cause is the universal solvent of everything — divine spirit.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 309

July 10

While the records of even important events are often obliterated from our memory, not the most trifling action of our lives can disappear from the "Soul's" memory, because it is no Memory for it, but an ever-present reality on the plane which lies outside our conception of space and time.

Lucifer, October, 1889

July 11

Man is certainly no special creation. He is the product of Nature's gradual perfective work, like any other living unit on this earth. But this is only with regard to the human tabernacle. That which lives and thinks in man and survives that frame, the masterpiece of evolution — is the "Eternal Pilgrim", the Protean differentiation in Space and Time of the One Absolute "Unknowable".

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 768

July 12

Parabrahman, the One Reality, the Absolute, is the field of Absolute Consciousness, i.e., that Essence which is out of all relation to conditioned existence, and of which conscious existence is a conditioned symbol. But once that we pass in thought from this (to us) Absolute Negation, duality supervenes in the contrast of Spirit (or Consciousness) and Matter, Subject and Object.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 43

July 13

A man's idea of God is that image of blinding light that he sees reflected in the concave mirror of his own soul, and yet this is not, in very truth, God, but only His reflection. His glory is there, but it is the light of his own Spirit that the man sees, and it is all he can bear to look upon. The clearer the mirror the brighter will be the divine image. But the external world cannot be witnesses in it at the same moment.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page XXIV

July 14

Would the principle of continuity, which exists even for the so-called inorganic matter, for a floating atom, be denied to the spirit, whose attributes are consciousness, memory, mind Love? Really, the very idea is preposterous.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 114

July 15

Restrain by thy Divine thy lower Self. Restrain by the Eternal the Divine. Aye, great is he, who is the slayer of desire. Still greater he, in whom the Self Divine has slain the very knowledge of desire.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 58

July 16

It was only when, as a result of the evil hints of the serpent matter, the latter condensed itself and cooled on the spiritual man in its contact with the elements, that the fruits of the man-tree — who is himself that tree of knowledge — appeared to his view.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 297

July 17

Physical Nature, when left to herself in the creation of animal and man, is shown to have failed. She can produce the first two kingdoms, as well as that of the lower animals, but when it comes to the turn of man, spiritual, independent and intelligent powers are required for his creation, besides the "coats of skin" and "breath of animal life".

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 59

July 18

Occultism tells us that every atom, like the monad of Leibnitz, is a little universe in itself; and that every organ and cell in the human body is endowed with a brain of its own, with memory, therefore, experience and discriminative powers.

Lucifer, April, 1890

July 19

For logic, consistence, profound philosophy, divine mercy and equity, this doctrine or reincarnation has not its equal on earth. It is a belief in a perpetual progress for each incarnating Ego, or divine soul, in an evolution from the outward into the inward, from the material to the spiritual, arriving at the end of each stage at absolute unity with the divine principle.

The Key to Theosophy , Page 104

July 20

.... Thought is an energy that affects matter in various ways, but consciousness per se, as understood and explained by Occult philosophy, is the highest quality of the sentient spiritual principle in us, the Divine Soul (or Buddhi) and our Higher Ego, and does not belong to the plane of materiality.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 3, Page 375

July 21

To offer oneself as a candidate for Chelâship is easy enough, to develop into an Adept the most difficult task any man could possibly undertake.

Five Years of Theosophy, Page 31

July 22

Children should above all be taught self-reliance, love for all men, altruism, mutual charity, and, more than anything else, to think and reason for themselves. We would reduce the purely mechanical work of the memory to an absolute minimum, and devote the time to the development and training of the inner senses, faculties and latent capacities ..... We should aim at creating free men and women, free intellectually, free morally, unprejudiced in all respects, and, above all things, unselfish.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 182

July 23

We believe in relieving the starvation of the soul, as much if not more than the emptiness of the stomach; for gratitude does more good to the man who fills it, than to him for whom it is felt.

The Key to the Theosophy, Page 165

July 24

The corner stone of Magic is an intimate practical knowledge of magnetism and electricity, their qualities, correlations, and potencies. Especially necessary is a familiarity with their effects in and upon the animal kingdom and man.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 589

July 25

The man who wars against himself and wins the battle can do it only when he knows that in that war he is doing the one thing which is worth doing.

Practical Occultism, Page 67

July 26

The Wise Ones tarry not in pleasure grounds of senses. The Wise Ones heed not the sweet-tongued voices of illusion.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 21

July 27

Those who believe in Karma have to believe in Destiny which, from birth to death, every man weaves thread by thread around himself, as a spider his web; and this Destiny is guided either by the heavenly voice of the invisible Prototype outside of us, or by our more intimate astral, or inner man, who is but too often the evil genius of the embodied entity called man. Both these lead on the outward man, but one of them must prevail; and from the very beginning of the invisible affray the stern and implacable Law of Compensation steps in and takes its course, faithfully following the fluctuations of the fight. When the last strand is woven, and man is seemingly enwrapped in the network of his down doing, then he finds himself completely under the empire of this self-made destiny. It then either fixes him like the inert shell against the immovable rock, or carries him away like a feather in a whirlwind raised by his own actions, and this is — Karma

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 700

July 28

Physical man is but the highest development of animal life.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 327

July 29

From an impalpable ideal thought under the creative Will of Him of whom we know nothing, and but dimly conceive in imagination, this globe became fluidic and semi-spiritual, then condensed itself more and more,until its physical development — matter, the tempting demon — compelled it to try its own creative faculty. Matter defied Spirit, and the earth, too, had its “Fall”.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 420

July 30

What I do believe in is: (1) the unbroken oral teachings revealed by living divine men during the infancy of mankind to the elect among men; (2) that it has reached us unaltered; and (3) that the Masters are thoroughly versed in the science based on such uninterrupted teaching.

Lucifer, October, 1899

[H.P.B., born midnight, July 30 - 31, 1831]

July 31

Ancient philosophers ..... divided the interminable periods of human existence on this planet into cycles, during each of which mankind gradually reached the culminating point of highest civilisation and gradually relapsed into abject barbarism. To what eminence the race in its progress had several times arrived may be feebly surmised by the wonderful monuments of old, still visible, and the descriptions given by Herodotus of other marvels of which no traces remain.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 5


August 1

The East, being the cardinal point when arises the luminary of the Day, the great giver and sustainer of life, the creator of all that lives and breathes on this globe, what wonder if all the nations of the Earth worshipped in him the visible agent of the invisible Principle and Cause; and that mass should be said in the honour of him who is the giver of messis or “harvest”. But between worshipping the ideal as a whole and the physical symbol, a part chosen to represent that whole and the All, there is an abyss.

Lucifer, March 1889

August 2

There can be no spiritual intercourse either with the souls of the living or the dead unless it is preceded by self-spiritualisation, the conquest of the meaner self, the education of the nobler powers within us.

Modern Panarion, Page 368

August 3

The idea that “numbers” possessing the greatest virtue produce always what is good and never what is evil refers to justice, equanimity of temper, and everything that is harmonious.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page XXVII

August 4

The mind requires purification whenever anger is felt or a falsehood is told, or the faults of another needlessly disclosed; whenever anything is said or done for the purpose of flattery, or anyone is deceived by the insincerity of a speech or an act.

Practical Occultism, Page 73

August 5

Shadow is that which enables Light to manifest itself, and gives its objective reality. Therefore, Shadow is not evil, but is the necessary and indispensable corollary which completes Light or Good; it is its creator on Earth.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 225

August 6

The more the body is exhausted, the freer is the spiritual man, and the more vivid the impressions of our soul's memory.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 179

August 7

Every time the immortal Ego incarnates it becomes, as a total, a compound unit of Matter and Spirit, which together act on seven different planes of being and consciousness.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 669

August 8

Atmâ, or the irradiating Spirit of every creature of the human family.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 1, Page 145

August 9

To imagine that a human brain can conceive of anything that was never conceived of before by the “universal brain” is a fallacy and a conceited presumption. At best, the former can catch now and then stray glimpses of the “Eternal Thought” after this has assumed some objective forms, either in the world of the invisible or visible Universe.

Modern Panarion, Page 149

August 10

Alas, alas! How little has the divine seed, scattered broadcast by the hand of the meek Judean philosopher, thrived or brought forth fruit. He, who himself had shunned hypocrisy, warned against public prayer, showing such contempt for any useless exhibition of the same, could he but cast his sorrowful glance on the earth, from the regions of eternal bliss, would see that this seed fell neither on sterile rock nor by the wayside. Nay, it took deep root in the most prolific soil; one enriched even to plethora with lies and human gore!

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 303

August 11

The term gods .... conveys to the mind of the mystic ..... the idea of a visible or cognised manifestation of an invisible potency of nature. And such occult potencies are invoked under the appellation of various gods, who, for the time being, are personating these powers.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page XLIV

August 12

Help nature and work on with her; and Nature will regard thee as one of her creators and make obeisance. And she will open wide before thee the portals of her secret chambers .....

The Voice of the Silence, Page 29

August 13

Lucifer — the Spirit of Intellectual Enlightenment and Freedom of Thought — is metaphorically the guiding beacon, which helps man to find his way through the rocks and sand-banks of Life, for Lucifer is the Logos in his highest, and the “Adversary” in his lowest aspect — both of which are reflected in our Ego.

The Secret Doctrine , Volume 2, Page 171

August 14

The spiritual “I” in man is omniscient and has every knowledge innate in it; while the personal self if the creature of its environment and the slave of the physical memory.

The Key to Theosophy , Page 89

August 15

Our God within us, or “Our Father in secret” is what we call the Higher Self, Atmâ. Our incarnating Ego was a god in its origin, as were all the primeval emanation of the One Unknown Principle. But, since its “fall into matter”, having to incarnate throughout the cycle, in succession, from first to last, it is no longer a free and happy God, but a poor pilgrim on his way to regain that which he has lost.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 123

August 16

Put, without delay, your good intentions into practice, never leaving a single one to remain only an intention.

Practical Occultism, Page 75

August 17

Thou canst create this “day” thy chances for thy “morrow”. In the “Great Journey” [ a complete cycle of existences, in one “Round] causes sown each hour, bear each its harvest of effects, for rigid Justice rules the World. With mighty sweep of never-erring action, it brings to mortals lives of weal or woe, the Karmic progeny of all our former thoughts and deeds.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 53

August 18

To the Eastern Occultist the Tree of Knowledge, in the Paradise of man's own heart, becomes the Tree of Life Eternal, and has nought to do with man's animal senses. It is an absolute mystery that reveals itself only through the efforts of the imprisoned Manas, the Ego, to liberate itself from the thraldom of sensuous perception, and see in the light of the one eternal present Reality.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 2, Page 621

August 19

There can be no real enfranchisement of human thought nor expansion of scientific discovery until the existence of spirit is recognised, and the double evolution accepted as a fact.

Modern Panarion, Page 93

August 20

Compare the two Redeemers, the Hindu and the Christian, the one preceding the other by some thousands of years; place between them Siddhârtha Buddha, reflecting Christna, and projecting into the night of the future his own luminous shadow, out of whose collected rays were shaped the outlines of the mystical Jesus, and from whose teachings were drawn those of the historical Christos; and we find that under one identical garment of poetical legend lived and breathed three real human figures.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 536

August 21

Saith the Great Law: “In order to become the knower of ALL-SELF, thou has first of Self to be the knower”.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 17

August 22

No one will deny that the human being is possessed of various forces, magnetic, sympathetic, antipathetic, nervous, dynamical, occult, mechanical, mental, in fact, of every kind of force; and that the physical forces are all biological in their essence, seeing that they intermingle with, and often merge into, those forces that we have named intellectual and moral, the first being the vehicles so to say, .... of the second. Non one who does not deny soul in man would hesitate in saying that their presence and commingling are the very essence of our being; that they constitute the Ego in man, in fact.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 508

August 23

More than one thoughtful mind, while studying the fortunes and reverses of nations and great empires, has been struck by one identical feature i their history, namely, the inevitable recurrence of similar events, and after equal periods of time.

Five Years of Theosophy, Page 307

August 24

In the seven-fold nature of man .... each principle is correlated to a plane, a planet, and a race, and the human principles are, on every plane, correlated to seven-fold occult forces, those of the higher planes being of tremendous power.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 19

August 25

Excesses of power, abuse of knowledge and personal ambition very often led selfish and unscrupulous Initiates to black Magic, just as the same causes let to precisely the same thing among Christian popes and cardinals; and it was black Magic that led finally to the abolition of the Mysteries, and not Christianity, as is often erroneously thought.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 3, Page 255

August 26

One past the threshold of the sanctuary of initiation, once that an adept has lifted the “Veil of Isis”, the mysterious and jealous goddess, he has nothing to fear; but till then he is in constant danger.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 319

August 27

Thou casnt not travel on the Path before thou has become that Path itself

The Voice of the Silence, Page 27

August 28

Forms pass; ideas that created them and the material which gave them objectiveness remain.

Lucifer, August, 1893

August 29

The search after man's diviner “self”, so often and so erroneously interpreted as individual communion with a personal God, was the object of every mystic, and belief in its possibility seems to have been coeval with the genesis of humanity, each people giving it another name.

Modern Panarion, Page 265

August 30

Knowledge increases in proportion to its use, that is, the more we teach the more we learn. Therefore, Seeker after Truth, with the faith of a little child and the wil of an Initiate, give of your store to him who hath not wherewithal to comfort him on his journey.

Practical Occultism, Page 70

August 31

The Tree of the Knowledge of the Good and the Evil grows from the roots of the Tree of Life.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 2, Page 227


Sept 1

There is no more valuable thing possessed by any individual than an exalted ideal towards which he continually aspires, and after which he moulds his thoughts and feelings, and forms, as best he may, his life.

Practical Occultism, Page 87

September 2

Spirit and Matter, though one and the same thing in their origin, when once they are on the plane of differentiation, begin each of them their evolutionary progress in contrary directions — Spirit falling gradually into Matter, and the latter ascending to its original condition, that of a pure spiritual Substance. Both are inseparable, yet ever separated

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 267

September 3

Physical man is the musical instrument, and the Ego, the performing artist. The potentiality of perfect melody of sound is in the former — the instrument — and no skill of the latter can awaken a faultless harmony out of broken or badly made instrument. This harmony depends on the fidelity of transmission, by word or act, to the objective plane of the unspoken divine thought in the very depths of man's subjective or inner nature.

Lucifer, November, 1889

September 4

In the case of human incarnations the law of Karma, racial or individual, over-rides the subordinate tendencies of Heredity, its servant.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 2, Page 188

September 5

In the stillness of the night hours, when our bodily senses are fast locked in the fetters of sleep, and our elementary body rests, the astral form becomes free.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 179

September 6

There are persons who never think with the higher faculties of their mind at all; those who do so are the minority and are thus in a way, beyond, if not above, the average of human kind. These will think even upon ordinary matters on that higher plane.

Lucifer, December, 1888

September 7

Theosophists are ever ready to abandon every idea that is proved erroneous upon strictly logical deductions.

Modern Panarion, Page 143

September 8

The seeds of Wisdom cannot sprout in airless space. To live and reap experience, the mind needs breadth and depth and points to draw it towards the Diamond Soul. Seek not those points in Mâyâ's realm; but soar beyond illusions, search the eternal and the changeless Sat, mistrusting fancy's false suggestions.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 43

September 9

Consciousness is a quality of the sentient principle, or in other words, the soul; and the latter often displays activity even while the body is asleep or paralysed. When lift our arm mechanically, we may imagine that we do it unconsciously, because our superficial senses cannot appreciate the interval between the formulation of the purpose and its execution. Latent as it seemed to us, our vigilant will evolved force, and set our matter in motion.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 199

September 10

Desire nothing. Chafe not at Karma, nor at Nature's changeless laws. But struggle only with the personal, the transitory, the evanescent and the perishable.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 29

September 11

It is among our commonest experience that the determination of physical life or death depends upon the will. Some people snatch themselves by force of determination from the very jaws of death, while others succumb to insignificant maladies. What man does with his body he can do with his Psuche.

Modern Panarion, Page 139

September 12

The human spirit, being of the Divine, immortal Spirit, appreciates neither past nor future, but sees all things as in the present.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 185

September 13

By that higher intuition acquired by Theosophia, or God-Knowledge, which carried the mind from the world of form into that of formless spirit, man has been sometimes enabled in every age and in every country to perceive things in the interior or invisible world.

Modern Panarion, Page 265

September 14

Let not the fierce sun dry one tear of pain before thyself hast wiped it from the sufferer's eye. But each burning human tear drop on thy heart and there remain; nor ever brush it off until the pain that caused it is removed. ..... These tears, O thou of heart, most merciful, these are the streams that irrigate the fields of charity immortal. 'Tis on such soil that grows the midnight blossom of Buddha .... It is the seed of freedom from rebirth.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 28

September 15

The Hermetic axiom, "as below, so above", is the only rule of evidence accepted by the Theosophists.

Modern Panarion, Page 137

September 16

Verily, the esoteric doctrine may well be called in its turn the "thread-doctrine", since, like Sutrâtmân or Pranâtmâm, it passes through and strings together all the ancient philosophical religious systems, and, what is more, reconciles and explains them.

Five Years of Theosophy, Page 126

September 17

Philosophy could never have formed its conception of a logical, universal, and absolute Deity if it had had no Mathematical Point within the Circle upon which to base its speculation. It is only the manifested Point, lost to our senses after its pregenetic appearance in the infinitude and incognisability of the Circle, that makes a reconciliation between Philosophy and Theology possible.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume1, Page 672

September 18

It is only the man of full age, with his faculties disciplined to discern good and evil, whom we can denominate spiritual, noetic,intuitive.

Modern Panarion, Page 138

September 19

As in the primitive days of Socrates and others ages of antiquity, so now, those who are willing to learn the Great Truth will ever find the chance if they only "try" to meet someone to lead them to the door of one "who knows when and how".

Modern Panarion, Page 40

September 20

We sincerely believe that the better portion of humanity will ever bear in mind that there exists a moral code of honour far more binding than an oath, whether on the Bible, Koran, or Veda. The Essenes never swore on anything at all, but their "ayes" and "nays" were as good and far better than an oath.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 373

September 21

The astral body, which in this life is covered by a gross physical envelope, becomes, when relieved of that covering by the process of corporeal death, in its turn the shell of another and more ethereal body. This begins developing from the moment of death, and becomes perfected when the astral body of the earthly form finally separates from it. This process, they say, is repeated at every new transition from sphere to sphere

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 329

September 22

All the past shows us that difficulty is no excuse for dejection, much less for despair, else the world would have been without the many wonders of civilisation.

Practical Occultism, Page 67

September 23

In our opinion, if psychometry is one of the grandest proofs of the indestructibility of matter, retaining eternally the impressions of the outward world, the possession of that faculty by our inner sight is a still greater one in favour of the immortality of man's individual spirit.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 186

September 24

All is Life, and every atom of even mineral dust is a Life, though beyond our comprehension and perception, because it is outside the range of the laws known to those who reject Occultism.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 269

September 25

In heavy and robust sleep, dreamless and uninterrupted, upon awakening to outward consciousness, men may sometimes remember nothing. But the impressions of scenes and landscapes which the astral body saw in its peregrinations are still there, though lying latent under the pressure of matter. They may be awakened at any moment, and then during such flashes of man's inner memory there is an instantaneous interchange of energies between the visible and the invisible universe.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 179

September 26

....... More mischief has been done by emotional charity than sentimentalists care to face.

Lucifer, December, 1887

September 27

At the birth of the future man, the monad, radiating with all the glory of its immortal parent who watches it from the seventh sphere, becomes senseless. It loses all recollection of the past, and returns to consciousness but gradually, when the instinct of childhood gives way to reason and intelligence.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 303

September 28

Hold any object in your hand, and it will become impregnated with your life-atoms, indrawn and outdrawn, changed and transferred in us at every instant of our lives.

Five Years of Theosophy, Page 343

September 29

Throughout the whole mystic literature of the ancient world we detect the same idea of spiritual Esoterism, that the personal God exists within, nowhere outside, the worshipper. That personal Deity is no vain breath, or a fiction, but an immortal Entity, the Initiator of the Initiates ....Like an undercurrent, rapid and clear, it runs without mixing its crystalline purity with the muddy and troubled waters of dogmatism, an enforced anthropomorphic Deity and religious intolerance.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 3, Page 62

September 30

However often the true nature of the occult training has been stated and explained, few Western students seem to realise how searching and inexorable are the tests which a candidate must pass before power is entrusted to his hands. Esoteric philosophy, the occult hygiene of mind and body, the unlearning of false beliefs, and the acquisition of true habits of thought, are more than sufficient for a student during his period of probation, and those who rashly pledge themselves in the expectation of acquiring forthwith "magic powers", will meet only with disappointment and certain failure.

Lucifer, December, 1888


October 1

Every star is an independent planet, which, like our earth, has a soul of its own, every atom of matter being impregnated with the divine influx of the soul of the world. It breathes and lives; it feels and suffers as well as enjoys life in its way.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page XXVII

October 2

The exercise of magical power is the exercise of powers natural, but superior to the ordinary functions of Nature.

Modern Panarion, Page 57

October 3

A man can have no god that is not bounded by his own human conception. The wider the sweep of his spiritual vision, the mightier will be his deity. But where can we find a better demonstration of Him than in man himself — in the spiritual and divine powers lying dormant in every human being?

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 567

October 4

For what is an "authority" upon any question, after all? No more, really, than a light streaming upon a certain object through one single, more or less wide, chink, and illuminating it from one side only.

Lucifer, September, 1892

October 5

The adept can control the sensations and alter the conditions of the physical and astral bodies of other persons not adepts; he can also govern and employ, as he chooses, the spirits of the elements. He cannot control the immortal spirit of any human being, living or dead, for all such spirits are alike sparks of the Divine Essence, and not subject to any foreign domination.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 590

October 6

Self-sacrifice has to be performed with discrimination, and ... if made without justice, or blindly, regardless of subsequent results, may often prove not only to have been made in vain, but even to be harmful.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 160

October 7

Prompted by the Law of Eternal Evolution and Karma, the Angel incarnated on Earth in Man; and as his Wisdom and Knowledge are still divine, although his Body is earthly, he is (allegorically) accused of divulging the Mysteries of Heaven. He combines and uses the two for purposes of human, instead of super-human, procreation. Henceforth "man will beget, not create". But, as, by so doing, he has to use his weak Body as the means of procreation, that Body will pay the penalty for this Wisdom, carried from Heaven down to the Earth; hence the corruption of physical purity will become a temporary curse.

Secret Doctrine, Volume 2, Page 296

October 8

There can be no permanent rest an happiness as long as there is some work to be done, and not accomplished, and the fulfilment of duties brings its own reward.

Practical Occultism, Page 74

October 9

Fohat, in his capacity of Divine Love (Eros), the electric power of affinity and sympathy, is shown allegorically, trying to bring the pure Spirit, the Ray inseparable from the One Absolute, into union with the Soul, the two constituting in Man the Monad, and in Nature the first links between the ever-unconditioned and the manifested.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 144

October 10

The trinity of nature is the lock of magic, the trinity of man the key that fits it.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 635

October 11

The Ineffable name, in the search for which so many kabalists, unacquainted with any Oriental or even European adept, vainly consume their knowledge and lives, dwells latent in the heart of every man. This mirific name, which, according to the most ancient oracles, "rushes into the infinite worlds", can be obtained in a two-fold way; by regular initiation, and through the "small voice", which Elijah heard in the cave of Horeb, the mount of God.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 343

October 12

Occultism asserts the eternal individuality of the soul, the imperishable force which is the cause and sustaining power of all organisation.

Modern Panarion, Page 78

October 13

Man and soul had to conquer their immortality by ascending toward the unity with which, if successful, they were finally linked, and into which they were absorbed, so to say.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 315

October 14

To be without personal desires is to be free and happy, and "Heaven" can mean nothing else but a state in which freedom and happiness exists.

Practical Occultism, Page 74

October 15

Fairy tales do not exclusively belong to nurseries; all mankind — except those few who in all ages have comprehended their hidden meaning and tried to open the eyes of the superstitious — have listened to such tales in one shape or the other, and, after transforming them into sacred symbols, called the product Religion!

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 406

October 16

The idea of Universal Life, composed of individual atomic lives, is one of the oldest teachings of esoteric philosophy

Lucifer, April, 1890

October 17

Be humble, it thou wouldst attain to Wisdom. Be humbler still, when Wisdom thou has mastered

The Voice of the Silence, Page 58

October 18

Cosmic Ideation, focused in a Principle, or Upâdhi (Basis), results as the consciousness of the individual Ego. Its manifestation varies with the degree of the Upâdhi. For instance, through that known as Manas, it wells up as Mind-Consciousness; through the more finely differentiated fabric (six state of matter) of Buddhi — resting on the experience of Manas as its basis — as a stream of Spiritual Intuition.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 351

October 19

That knowledge is real which lasts, and that is unreal which passes away.

Modern Panarion, Page 452

October 20

Friends and foes! Criticism is the sole salvation from intellectual stagnation. It is the beneficent goad which stimulates to life and action — hence to healthy changes — the heavy ruminants called Routine and Prejudice, in private as in social life.

Lucifer, September, 1892

October 21

Nirvana is the world of cause, in which all deceptive effects or delusions or our senses disappear.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 346

October 22

The harmony which geometry and mathematics — the only exact sciences — demonstrate to be the law of the universe, would be destroyed if evolution were perfectly exemplified in man alone and limited in the subordinate kingdoms ......... Harmony is the great law of nature

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 330

October 23

If Sun thou canst not be, then be the humble planet. ...... Give light and comfort to the toiling pilgrim, and seek out him who knows still less than thou; who in his wretched desolation sits starving for the bread of Wisdom and the bread which feeds the shadow, without a Teacher, hope or consolation, and — let him hear the Law.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 55

October 24

The "Fallen Angels", so-called, are Humanity itself. The Demon of Pride, Lust, Rebellion and Hatred, had no being before the appearance of physical conscious man. It is man who has begotten and nurtured the fiend, and allowed it to develop in his heart; it is he, again, who has contaminated the Indwelling God in himself, by linking the pure Spirit with the impure Demon of Matter. And, if the Kabalistic saying, Daemon est Deus inversus", finds its metaphysical and theoretical corroboration in dual manifested Nature, nevertheless, its practical application is found in Mankind alone.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 2, Page 287

October 25

One must first of all recognise one's own immortal Principle, and then only can one conquer, or take the Kingdom of Heaven by violence.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 3, Page 63

October 26

Search for the Paths. But, O Lanoo, be of clean heart before thou started on thy journey. Before thou takest thy first step, learn to discern the real from the false, the ever-fleeting from the everlasting. Learn above all to separate Head-learning from Soul-wisdom, the "Eye" from the "Heart" doctrine.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 42

October 27

This war (the war between Spirit and Matter) will last till the Inner and Divine Man adjusts his outer terrestrial self to his own spiritual nature. Till then the dark and fierce passions of that self will be at eternal feud with his Master, the Divine Man. But the animal will be tamed one day, because its nature will be changed, and harmony will reign once more between the two as before the "Fall", when even mortal man was "created" by the Elements and was not born.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 2, Page 280

October 28

...... The knowledge of these primary causes, and of the ultimate essence of every Element, of its Lives, their functions, properties, and conditions of change, constitutes the basis of Magic.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 284

October 29

It is owing to this rebellion of intellectual life against the morbid inactivity of pure spirit, that we are what we are — self conscious, thinking men, with the capabilities and attributes of Gods in us, for good as much as for evil. Hence the Rebels are our Saviours

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 2, Page 108

October 30

In human nature, evil denotes only the polarity of Matter and Spirit, a "struggle for life" between the two manifested Principles of Space and Time, which Principles are one per se, inasmuch as they are rooted in the Absolute. In Cosmos, the equilibrium must be preserved. The operation of the two contraries produce harmony, like the centripetal and centrifugal forces, which, being mutually inter-dependent, are necessary to each other "in order that both should live". If one should be arrested, the action of the other would become immediately self-destructive.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 448

October 31

The tree is known by its fruits; and as all theosophists have to be judged by their deeds, and not by what they write or say, so all theosophical books must be accepted on their merits, and not according to any claim to authority which they may put forward.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 191


November 1

One of the fundamental rules of Theosophy is justice to oneself — viewed as a unit of collective humanity, not as a personal self-justice, not more but not less than to others; unless indeed, by the sacrifice of the one Self we can benefit the many

The Key to Theosophy, Page 160

November 2

We must remember that thoughts and motives are material, and at times marvellously material forces.

Modern Panarion, Page 471

November 3

Self-gratulation, O Disciple, is like unto a lofty tower, up which a haughty fool has climbed. Thereon he sits in prideful solitude and unperceived by any but himself.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 44

November 4

Reason being a faculty of our physical brain, one which is justly defined as that of deducing inferences from premises, and being wholly dependent on the evidence of other senses, cannot be a quality pertaining directly to our divine spirit. The latter knows — hence, all reasoning which implies discussion and argument would be useless.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 305

November 5

Esoteric Philosophy reconciles all religions, strips every one of its outward human garments, and shows the root of each to be identical with that of every other great religion. It proves the necessity of a Divine Absolute Principle in Nature. It denies Deity no more than it does the sun.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 4

November 6

Nothing of that which is conducive to help man, collectively or individually, to live, not “happily”, but less unhappily in the world, ought to be indifferent to the Theosophist-Occultist. It is no concern of his whether his help benefits a man in his worldly or spiritual progress; his first duty is to be ever ready to help if he can, without stopping to philosophise.

Lucifer, October, 1899

November 7

Virtue and wisdom are sublime things, but if they create pride and a consciousness of separateness from the rest of humanity, they are only the snakes of self reappearing in a finer form.

Practical Occultism, Page 74

November 8

The periods of the strengthening and weakening of the warlike excitement of the European nations represent a wave strikingly regular in its periodicity, flowing incessantly, as if propelled onward by some fixed inscrutable law.

Five Years of Theosophy, Page 311

November 9

Modern Science insists upon the doctrine of evolution; so do human reason and the “secret doctrine”, and the idea is corroborated by the ancient legends and myths, and even by the Bible itself, when it is read between the lines. We see a flower slowly developing from a bud, and the bud from its seed. But whence the latter, with all its predetermined programme of physical transformation, and its invisible, therefore spiritual, forces which gradually develop its form, colour, and odour? The word evolution speaks for itself.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 152

November 10

The fact is that, no less than the Book of Job, the whole Revelation is simply an allegorical narrative of the Mysteries and initiation therein of a candidate, who is John himself. No high Mason, well versed in the different degrees, can fail to see it.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 351

November 11

We believe in no Magic which transcends the scope and capacity of the human mind, nor in “miracle”, whether divine or diabolical, if such imply a transgression of the laws of nature instituted from all eternity.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page X!

November 12

The first and most important step in Occultism is to learn how to adapt your thoughts and ideas to your plastic potency.

Lucifer, December, 1888

November 13

If a man would follow in the steps of the Hermetic philosophers he must prepare himself beforehand for martyrdom. He must give up personal pride and all selfish purposes, and be ready for everlasting encounters with friends and foes. He must part, once for all, with every remembrance of his earlier ideas, on all and everything.

Modern Panarion, Page 50

November 14

It is a law of Occult dynamics that “a given amount of energy expended on the spiritual or astral plane is productive of far greater results than the same amount expended on the physical objective plane of existence”.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 705

November 15

“Time” is only an illusion produced by the succession of our states of consciousness as we travel through Eternal Duration, and it does not exist where no consciousness exists in which the illusion can be produced, but “lies asleep”.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 68

November 16

The Fall was the result of man's knowledge, for his “eyes were opened”. Indeed, he was taught Wisdom and the Hidden Knowledge by the “Fallen Angel”, for the later had become from that day his Manas, Mind and Self-consciousness.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 2, Page 539

November 17

Theosophy is the shoreless ocean of universal truth, love and wisdom, reflecting its radiance on the earth, while the Theosophical Society [founded Nov. 17, 1875] is only a visible bubble on that reflection. Theosophy is divine nature, visible and invisible, and its Society human nature trying to ascend to its divine parent.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 39

November 18

While, therefore, the Individual Ego, owing to its essence and nature, is immortal throughout eternity, with a form (rûpa) which prevails during the whole life cycles of the Fourth Round, its Sosie or resemblance, the personal Ego, has to win its immortality.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 3, Page 519

November 19

One thing is certain, when a man shall have discovered the perpetual motion, he will be able to understand by analogy all the secrets of nature; progress in direct ratio with resistance.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 502

November 20

The “Higher Ego”, as part of the essence of the Universal Mind, is unconditionally omniscient on its own plane, and only potentially so in our terrestrial sphere, as it has to act solely through its alter ego, the Personal Self.

Lucifer, November, 1890

November 21

If thou art told that to become Arhan thou has to cease to love all beings - tell them thy lie.
If thou art told that to gain liberation thou hast to hate thy mother disregard thy so; to disavow thy father and call him “householder”; for man and beast all pity to renounce, tell them their tongue is false.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 46

November 22

We are in the Mânasa period of our Cycle of Races, or in the Fifth; we have, therefore, crossed the meridian point of the perfect adjustment of Spirit and Matter — or the equilibrium between brain intellect and spiritual perception .... it is in the Fifth (Round) that the full development of Manas, as a direct ray from the Universal Mahat — a ray unimpeded by Matter — will be finally reached.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 2, Page 314

November 23

Point out the “Way”, however dimly, and lost among the host — as does the evening start to those who tread their path in darkness.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 56

November 24

...... In the unmanifested Universe, Fohat .... is simply that potential creative Power, in virtue of whose actions the Noumenon of all future phenomena divines, so to speak, but to reunite in a mystic supersensuous act, and emit the creative Ray.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 134

November 25

The astral light is androgyne, for equilibrium is the resultant of two opposing forces eternally reacting upon each other. The result of this is Life. When the two forces are expanded and remain so long inactive as to equal one another and so come to a complete rest, the condition is Death.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page XXXII

November 26

Man's cycle is not complete until he has passed through the earth life.

Modern Panarion, Page 138

November 27

A personal fiend, who opposes the Deity, and impedes progress on its way to perfection, is to be sought only on earth amid humanity, not in heaven.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 561

November 28

Enquirer. What do you consider, then, to be the chief of these negative Theosophical Duties?
Theos. To be ever prepared to recognise and confess one's faults. To rather sin through exaggerated praise than through too little appreciation of one's neighbour's efforts. Never to backbite or slander another person. Always to say openly and direct to his face anything you have against him. Never to make yourself the echo of anything you may hear against another, nor harbour revenge against those who happen to injure you.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 170

November 29

As the Logos reflects the Universe in the Divine Mind, and the Manifested Universe reflects itself in each of its Monads, as Leibnitz puts it, repeating an Eastern teaching, so the Monad has, during the cycle of its incarnations, to reflect in itself every root-form of each kingdom. Therefore, the Kabalists say correctly that “Man becomes a stone, a plant, an animal, a man, a spirit, and finally God”, thus accomplishing his cycle or circuit and returning to the point from which he had started as the Heavenly Man.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 2, Page 196

November 30

As in the case of the reincarnation of the lamas of Thibet, an adept of the highest order may live indefinitely His mortal casket wears out notwithstanding certain alchemical secrets for prolonging the youthful vigour far beyond the usual limits, yet the body can rarely be kept alive beyond ten or twelve score of years. The old garment is then worn out, and the spiritual Ego, forced to leave it, selects for its habitation a new body, fresh and full of healthy, vital principle.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 563


December 1

True Occultism or Theosophy is the “Great Renunciation of Self”, unconditionally and absolutely, in thought as in action. It is Altruism, and it throws him who practises it out of calculation of the ranks of the living altogether. “Not for himself, but for the world he lives”, as soon as he has pledged himself to the work ..... he has to become a mere beneficent force in Nature.

Practical Occultism, Page 36

December 2

Both the human spirit and soul are pre-existent. But while the former exists as a distinct entity, an individualisation, the soul exists as pre-existing matter, an unscient portion of an intelligent whole.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 316

December 3

The upward progress of the Ego is a series of progressive awakenings, each advance bringing with it the idea that now, at last, we have reached “reality”; but only when we shall have reached absolute Consciousness, and blended our own with it, shall we be free from the delusions produced by Mâya.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 71

December 4

Occultism is not magic, though magic is one of its tools. Occultism is not the acquirement of powers, whether psychic or intellectual, though both are its servants. Neither is occultism the pursuit of happiness, as men understand the word; for the first step is sacrifice, the second renunciation.

Lucifer, September, 1887

December 5

Dreams, foreboding, prescience, prognostications, and presentiments are impressions left by our astral spirit on our brain, which receives them more or less distinctly, according to the proportion of blood with which it is supplied during the hours of sleep.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 179

December 6

This inner soul of the physical cell — the “spiritual plasm” that dominates the germinal plasm — is the key that must open one day the gates of the terra incognita of the Biologist, now called the dark mystery of Embryology.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 238

December 7

He who is led by personal considerations cannot enter a heaven where personal considerations do not exist. He who does not care for Heaven, but is contented where he is, is already in Heaven, while the discontented will in vain clamour for it.

Practical Occultism, Page 73

December 8

The Occultists, who regard Physical Nature as a bundle of most varied illusions on the plane of deceptive perceptions; who recognise in every pain and suffering but the necessary pangs of incessant procreation; a series of stages towards an ever-growing perfectibility, which is visible in the silent influence of never-ending Karma, or Abstract nature.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 2, Page 498

December 9

As many physical diseases are due to the presence of parasites, attracted or produced by uncleanness and other causes, so parasitic spirits are attracted by immorality or spiritual uncleanness, thereby inducing spiritual diseases and consequent physical ailments.

Modern Panarion, Page 79

December 10

On the physical plane, two like poles will always repel each other,while the negative and positive are mutually attracted; so do Spirit and Matter stand to each other — the two poles of the same homogeneous substance, the Root Principle of the Universe.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 268

December 11

Fear and hatred are essentially one and the same. He who fears nothing will never hate, and he who hates nothing will never fear.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 3, Page 541

December 12

As a rule Occultism is a dangerous, double-edged weapon for one to handle who is unprepared to devote his whole life to it. The theory of it, unaided by serious practice, will ever remain in the eyes of those prejudiced against such an unpopular cause an idle, crazy speculation, fit only to charm the ears of ignorant old women.

Modern Panarion, Page 38

December 13

Starting upon the long journey immaculate, descending more and more into sinful matter, and having connected himself with every atom in manifested space — the Pilgrim, having struggled through, and suffered in, every form of Life and Being, is only at the bottom of the valley of Matter, and half through his cycle, when he has identified himself with collective Humanity. This, he has made in his own image. In order to progress upwards and homewards, the “God” has now to ascend the weary up-hill path of the Golgotha of life. It is the martyrdom of self-conscious existence.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 288

December 14

The Universe is worked and guided, from within outwards. As above so it is below, as in heaven so on earth; and man, the microcosm and miniature copy of the macrocosm, is the living witness to this Universal Law and to the mode of its action.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 295

December 15

Memory — the despair of the materialist, the enigma of the psychologist, the sphinx of science — is to the student of old philosophies merely a name to express that power which man unconsciously exerts, and shares with many of the inferior animals — to look with inner sight into the astral light, and there behold the images of past sensations and incidents.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 178

December 16

In the shoreless ocean of space radiates the central, spiritual, and invisible sun. The universe is his body, spirit, and soul; and after this ideal model are framed All Things. These three emanations are the three lives, the three degrees of the Gnostic Pleroma, the three “Kabalistic Faces”, for the Ancient of the ancient, the holy of the aged, the great En-Soph “has a form and then he has no form”. The invisible “assumed a form when he called the universe into existence”, says the Sohar, the Book of Splendour.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 302

December 17

Matter has extension, colour, motion (molecular motion), taste and smell, corresponding to the existing senses of man, and the next characteristic it develops — let us call it for the moment “Permeability” — will correspond to the next sense of man, which we may call “Normal Clairvoyance”.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 272

December 18

The star under which a human Entity is born, says the Occult Teachings, will remain for ever its star, throughout the whole cycle of its incarnations in one Manvantara. But this is not his astrological star.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 626

December 19

Man is also triune; he has his objective, physical body; his vitalising astral body (or soul), the real man; and these two are brooded over and illuminated by the third — the sovereign, the immortal spirit. When the real man succeeds in merging himself with the latter, he becomes an immortal entity.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 588

December 20

Our only true course is to let the motive for action be in the action itself, never in its reward; not to be incited to action by the hope of the result, nor yet indulge a propensity to inertness

Practical Occultism, Page 75

December 21

Every true Theosophist holds that the divine Higher Self of every mortal man is of the same essence as the essence of these Gods. Being, moreover, endowed with free-will, hence having, more than they, responsibility, we regard the incarnated Ego as far superior to, if not more divine than, any spiritual Intelligence still awaiting incarnation.

Lucifer, March, 1889

December 22

Sow kindly acts and thou shalt reap their fruition. Inaction in a deed of mercy becomes an action in a deadly sin.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 49

December 23

We describe Karma as that law of readjustment which ever tends to restore equilibrium in the physical, and broken harmony in the moral, world. We say that Karma does not act in this or that particular way always; but that it always does act so as to restore harmony and preserve the balance of equilibrium, in virtue of which the universe exists.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 138

December 24

We believe that everything in material life is most intimately associated with spiritual agencies.

Modern Panarion, Page 136

December 25

As one of the greatest reformers, an inveterate enemy of every theological dogmatism, a persecutor of bigotry, a teacher of one of the most sublime codes of ethics, Jesus is one of the grandest and most clearly defined figures on the panorama of human history .... the grand figure .... wil reign supreme and universal only on that day when the whole of humanity recognises but one father — the Unknown One above — and one brother, the whole of mankind below.

Isis Unveiled, Volume 2, Page 150

December 26

Mystically .... the Lipika .... are connected with Karma, the Law of Retribution, for they are the Recorders, or Annalists, who impress on the (to us) invisible tablets of the Astral Light “the great picture-gallery of eternity”, a faithful record of every act, and even thought, of man; of all that was, is, or ever will be, in the phenomenal Universe.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 130

December 27

Christ has given you one prayer of which you have a lip-prayer and a boast, and which none but the true Occultist understands.

The Key to Theosophy, Page 47

December 28

The Occultist accepts revelation as coming from divine yet still finite Beings, the manifested Lives, never from the unmafestable One Life; from those entities, called Primordial Man, Dhyâni-Buddhas, or Dhyân Chohans, the Rishi-Prajâpati of the Hindus, the Elohim or Sons of God of the Jews, the Planetary Spirits of all nations, who have become Gods for men.

The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1, Page 38

December 29

To feel “compassion” without an adequate practical result ensuing from it is not to show oneself an “Altruist”, but the reverse. Real self-development on the esoteric lines is action.

Lucifer, October, 1889

December 30

“There is but one light, and there is but one darkness”, says a Siamese proverb. Daemon est Deus inversus, the Devil is the shadow of God, states the universal kabalistic axiom. Could light exist but for primeval darkness? And did not the brilliant, sunny universe first stretch its infant arms from the swaddling bands of dark and dreary chaos?

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page 560

December 31

Man and parties, sects and schools, are but the mere ephemera of the world's day. Truth, high seated upon its rock of adamant, is alone eternal and supreme

Isis Unveiled, Volume 1, Page XI

“Tis well ..... Prepare thyself, for thou wilt have to travel on alone. The teacher can but point the way. The Path is one for all, the means to reach the goal must vary with the pilgrims.

The Voice of the Silence, Page 66

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