Before the Himalayan Snows  ΔΔ

Notes on some recent observations

by Geoffrey Hodson

from The Theosophist, April 1934

EVEREST represents the feminine aspect of earth power. At the summit there appears a symbolic form of the Goddess Mother of the World seated in meditation on the lotus throne. Though robed in power, deep blue without, indigo within, she is motionless, poised in a mighty earth chakram of which Everest is the physical and magnetic heart. Her consciousness is sunk deep in contemplation, indrawn, evoking and conserving spiritual power, as the God of Kunchinjunga receives and sends forth.

For Kunchinjunga represents the positive aspect of earth power and above it hovers the mountain God; His form is fiery white as of bright sunlight on snow, His aura also white is shot through with blue. Hosts of lesser white devas move continually throughout the great range serving These and other Shining Ones.

The God of Kunchinjunga appears to serve as southern sentinel and guardian of the sacred regions of Tibet. His consciousness ranges throughout the whole of India and Indo-China, reaching to the sea. Like a lighthouse, he shines over them, positive, radiant, pouring forth power.

These two are as twin foci of some mighty ellipse of earth power. From deep down, earth force rushes up into Everest like Kundalini into the chakras of the illuminated yogi. From high above and within, power flows through Kunchinjunga like blessing through the elevated Host. Everest is power received and stored; Kunchinjunga is power sent forth.

High above these mighty mountain consciousnesses is a third, a great Deva of the trans-Himalayan range, far to the north. Thus the whole of Tibet is occultly insulated from the world, a temple indeed, tyled by Deva guards.

The power from the Master's valley is distinctly discernable. The whole region appears to be ablaze with power; it is a tremendous center, sunlike, its golden radiance shining over the world. At the heart of it abides the still peace in which They live, the Peace of the Eternal.

Other centers of power are established in the great range, homes doubtless of Mighty Ones.

Approached concerning the establishment on earth of the brotherhood of angels and of men, a mountain Deva thought as follows:

    Mankind, through its scientists, is probing into the power aspect of physical matter, piercing through form to force. In due time, the outer layers of earth energy will be tapped, providing new sources of power. Teach, therefore, concerning the Gods of power, creative and directive Intelligences behind the powers of Nature, awakening here and there in this dark age, the mind of man to the fact of their existence. Stress the two essentials to successful discovery and release of hidden power. First, human brotherhood, that the power be used to build, not to destroy. Second, the scientist as yogi, seeking within himself for truth.
"The key to the entry of man into the kingdom of the Gods consists of complete readiness to place at the service of the whole all power gained, all knowledge won, reserving naught for self.
"The scientist must become the true yogi, selfless, with truth his only goal. Upon such the Gods will shower their gifts, will open the sanctuary wherein the hidden powers reside, will admit them to the Kingdom of the Gods.
    "The human race greatly needs a spiritual awakening. Man must turn from self to selflessness, from acquisition to service, from form to life. Then, and then alone, may power be entrusted to him, knowledge of his life within the form be gained".

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